WarMage Battlegrounds

The Ultimate Multiplayer Turn-Based Tactical Battle Game!

WarMage Battlegrounds

The Ultimate Turn-Based Tactical Combat Strategy Game

WarMage Battlegrounds is the ultimate multiplayer turn-based tactical battle game offering a truly unique experience to fans of turn-based tactics, strategy, and MOBA games. WarMage Battlegrounds blends intense turn-based tactics with a deeply strategic battle preparation experience and persistent character development.

Online Multiplayer Turn-Based Tactics

After creating a WarMage character, commander of mighty combat forces and wielder of powerful magic, you’ll be just moments away from intense turn-based tactical battles across the World of Kator. You won’t find slow-placed city or army building in WarMage Battlegrounds . Instead, the gameplay is focused entirely configuring unique combat forces from your ever expanding collection of battle units, spells, artifacts, and scrolls and vanquishing enemies in turn-based tactical battles.

The Best Turn-Based Tactics and Tactical Combat Strategy

The combat mechanics in WarMage Battlegrounds deliver a more fast-paced and rewarding experience than is found in traditional turn-based strategy games. Battles are fought in detailed hex-tile environments designed to promote advanced tactical strategy. WarMage Battlegrounds offers a wide variety of PvP and PvE game modes including assault, explore, defend, survival and more that can be played solo or cooperatively.

WarMage Battlegrounds is poised to be one of the best multiplayer turn based tactics style strategy games on the web. Join the fight for honor, glory, and prestige!

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