14 Management Do’s and Don’ts to Motivate Employees by Shedd

Published: 2021-07-07 00:16:23
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Shedd’s article provides essential information for a successful business. According to the author, a positive behavior of the managers and supervisors can enhance the performance of a workforce. For that reason, he puts forwards some things that managers need to do or avoid to improve employee engagement.First, Shedd (2010) says that managers should not get angry. Second, the author states that managers or supervisors should not be unfriendly to their subjects. The reason for this is because the employees tend to judge their leaders by mood rather than intent. Again, the workers need the managers both in sound and difficult times; hence being friendly to them is of paramount importance. Third, the writer emphasizes that the leaders should not send ambiguous messages to employees to avoid confusing them. Instead, they should send definite information that the employees will readily understand.Fourth, Shedd (2010) advises the managers to avoid faking things. For instance, they need to avoid telling lies or discussing the things that they dislike. Fifth, the leaders should avoid being egocentric. That is, they should not only focus on their welfare but on the wellbeing of others too. Teamwork is vital in business and egocentrism would kill it. Sixth, managers should not disown their actions as such conduct would spread to the workers. The managers are responsible for nurturing accountability amongst the employees (Shedd, 2010).Seventh, Shedd (2010) says that the leaders should avoid jumping into conclusion. Instead, they should first investigate the reason why something happened before taking any action. Eighth, the author should not break promises. When the leaders honor their obligations, they show their employees that they are accountable, and others may emulate the positive efforts. Ninth, the writer says that the supervisors need to be responsive. That is, they should return all emails and phone calls by employees. The author further asserts that the leaders should treat the workforce as customers, and encourage their teams to respond to their request promptly (Shedd, 2010).Tenth, the author encourages the managers to support their workers publicly. If there are differences between a leader and his workers, they should settle them privately instead of making them public. The managers should also avoid blaming their subjects for failure. Another important thing for the supervisors to do is to acknowledge their teams. They should recommend their workers for the tasks that they have completed successfully. Lastly, Shedd (2010) ask supervisors to be good listeners. That is, they should allow the workers to provide their views when they ask them questions.Though the tips provided in the article are helpful in promoting employee engagement, they may not be enough to improve the overall performance of the workforce. It is, therefore, essential to devise other ways that will complement the solutions provided in the piece. For instance, they can ensure that every employee is in his/her right role. They may also need to give the employees adequate training. Again, Shedd (2010) may need to elaborate on some of the points mentioned above to ensure that they are useful. For instance, he may explain how supervisors can manage anger which is one of the primary threats to their endeavors. Likewise, the author may expound on the ways that the executives can use to improve the communication between them and the employees.ReferencesShedd, D. (2010). 14 Management Do’s and Don’ts to Motivate Employees. Retrieved fromhttps://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217801#ixzz2g4OzIW87

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