A Nice Manager

Published: 2021-07-06 06:25:24
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Question oneNice, is a trait that applies to individuals who are kind to everyone, irrespective of their faults. A Nice person is understanding and will make efforts to assist those in need.I indeed believe that Nice is not a good trait for leaders. Quality of this nature is likely to bring about unnecessary relations between a leader and his/her juniors. Inappropriate associations may initiate reluctance among employees and in turn, led to the downfall of the leader.Question TwoThere is a little chance that the management could have been wrong about Harry because being a Nice leader does necessarily mean that one covers for his/her weak employees. It might be possible that the employees consider him Nice owing to his immeasurable leadership skills.Question ThreeSome of the issues I would consider asking Harry’s staff encompass; How many times have you missed work in the last six months? How many times have you reported late to work? When was the last time your performance in the office was evaluated?Question FourI believe that nice is closely related to extraversion.Openness- people with this trait tend to be very thoughtful and imaginative. They are very creative and very capable of developing new ideas.Conscientiousness – individuals with this trait are also very thoughtful, but can remain in control and accomplish their goals.Extraversion – individuals with this trait are often excited, very social, talkative, assertive, and like to draw attention in social gatherings.Agreeableness- people with this trait tend to be very cooperative, particularly in undertakings that require a group of persons to work together. They have values such as kindness, affection, and trust.Neuroticism – mood swings characterize individuals with this trait. Such people will be happy at one moment, and sad for another moment.Question FiveYou have been considered and awarded the promotion because the management feels that you have the potential to be a good leader. My advice is that you should stop seeking to impress each of your employees because relations with employees could affect the performance of the company. Initiate a formal working relationship with all your employees.Question SixI think Harry tries to impress every person he encounters irrespective of their personality types. My advice would be that he should formally treat all persons and should not impress everyone he meets on his management path. The idea of influencing people amounts to betrayal and downfall.

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