Action Plan & Reflection: Emergency Management

Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:29
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IntroductionProject implementation requires a collaboration of all stakeholders to achieve the objectives and goals of the project. As stated by Heeks and Stanforth (2014) project stakeholders are individuals intend to take part in project implementation. However, each stakeholder is assigned responsibilities to undertake based on qualification and experience in the field. Assigning responsibilities is based on the available tasks and what is supposed to be achieved. In most cases, the project needs technical, communication, execution, staff responsibility, and managing experts for a project to succeed. Each section needs experts in the field to perform such responsibility.In order to complete this project each department will nominate an experienced individual to be responsibilities for execution of departmental reasonability. The technical department shall have two experienced employees on IT and Engineering to spearhead the technical apart of the project. Since the project team will be required to update and communicate with the public, the Public relationship department will have to be involved (Dillon, 2015). And therefore, stakeholders shall be drawn from technical and engineering department, public relationship department, expert in management, and execution team.Engineering and ITAn individual must be an experienced engineer or IT in the field of IT project design and project. Must have a background in project management and most important he or she must be a graduate in IT or Engineering field (Heeks & Stanforth, 2014). It is essential so that all stakeholders who are qualified individuals who can undertake their responsibilities without much supervision. The engineering team shall identify technical requirements for the project; define goals, scope and deliverables, estimate cost, time and schedules of the project. An individual shall also identify resources required for the project to be implemented. The engineering shall also participate in the selection of project team and prepare the project plan and present for approval. Engineering team plays an important responsibility during a project implementation, this is to make sure that the objectives of a project are achieved (Newton, 2014).Management ExpertThe team shall all comprise of management team who are capable of addressing the needs of the project to ensure that the intended goals are achieved. A team member shall be an individual with years of experience in project implementation, supervision, and project management as well. The education background also matters and individual should have at least a MBA from recognized university and post graduate diploma in project management. As stated by Christiansen (2015), it is essential to an individual with string qualification since management experts provide an overview supervision of the project. Since the magnitude of the project is huge, the management expert would be required to project supervision and general management of the project to make sure that the team is within the agreed objectives so that the project is complemented within the time (Christiansen & Finn, 2015).Communication or Public Relations officerAn individual should be proficient in communication and understand project implementation so that he or she would be able to relate with the public and other team members as well. The responsibilities of the communication officer shall be to negotiate with sponsors of the project, project update of the status of the project, problem escalation and coordinate with steering committee of the project (Baarveld, Marnix, & Dewulf, 2018).ConclusionEvery actor of the project shall be given maximum time to contribute to the project implementation. The stakeholders shall have positive contribution to the project since each contribution shall be implemented to make sure that intended objectives are achieved. The stakeholders’ contribution shall be through technical planning and implementation, communication and coordination of the project, management and supervision.

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