Additional External Sources to Supplement Knowledge of Cybersecurity

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:43
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With the recent developments in the cybersecurity scope, companies and individuals must aim at gaining knowledge and acquiring more and more intelligence on how to deal with the new advancements in cybercrime. There comes the need to access more information, recent news and stories about what is happening related to cybersecurity around the world. Companies, therefore, need additional external sources to assist in gaining more knowledge about cybersecurity. This paper describes the external resources for knowledge on cybersecurity that company managers and individuals might possibly get information about cybersecurity from.The Australian Center for Cyber Security (ACCS) is uniquely crafted research and educational center for cybersecurity. The Australian Center for Cybersecurity aims at providing cutting-edge lasting intelligence in cybersecurity albeit research, engagement, and education.The Computer Security Resource Center (CRSC) is a part of the Computer Security Division (CSD) and assists in the mass sharing of information tools and practices of security. CRSC is a resource for providing information security guidelines and standards.The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) was listed as the global top Security and International Affairs think tank in a 2011 report of ‘The Global Go To Think Tanks’. The CSIS is a think tank based in the U.S.A. and it focuses on issues relating to global security and international relations.Symantec Security Response is a global team made up of threat analysts, researchers and security engineers who develop a wide scope of content about the latest threats that can have impacts on organizations.The Information Security Magazine has been listed as the only resource for information which gives instant access to virus alerts, breaking news about cybersecurity, new hacker threats or attacks, webcasts, compliance to security standards, security certification training resources and several others all at no cost. The Information Security Magazine is the best resource dedicated towards the success of IT profession.The Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence is another additional resource important in supplementing knowledge of cybersecurity. This research center was established to address the main issues which will help mold security policies over the next coming decades.ReferencesCone, B.D., Irvine, C.E., Thompson, M.F. and Nguyen, T.D., 2007. A video game for cybersecurity training and awareness. computers & security, 26(1), pp.63-72.Rutkowski, A., Kadobayashi, Y., Furey, I., Rajnovic, D., Martin, R., Takahashi, T., Schultz, C., Reid, G., Schudel, G., Hird, M. and Adegbite, S., 2010. Cybex: The cybersecurity information exchange framework (x. 1500). ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 40(5), pp.59-64.

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