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There are some characteristics which are essential for learning in any age or phase of life. These charaterisitics help a person to adopt the elements which can improve the learning of a specific task or project (Edwards, Sieminski & Zeldin, 2014). These characteristics of adult learners include:Control over learning.Realistic in learning.Learning is a secondary role.Sturdy to change.High motivation to learn.Focus on past experiences.Learning is aimed at an immediate goal.Learning is often self-initiated.Adult learners are more diverse.These characteristic are the key to adult learners, that what ways or roles an adult adopts to be an effective learner. In the course covered so far, we have discussed these charateristics and how they are adopted by the learners. High motivation to learning, is acquired by those who have a will to get knowledge about a subject and they want to get knowledge from the teacher/trainer (Edwards, Sieminski & Zeldin, 2014). This factor plays a vital role for an adult who wants to be successful in his/her future and to make positive changes in him/herself.The study also tells that adult learners are more diverse than the aged learners. They try to be more adaptive to every type of learning they are getting, and utilize the information in their practical life. One of the characteristic says that, learning is self-initiated. It is believed that adult learners tend to learn from their own will, no one can motivate them. This type of characteristic is observed in an adult, who needs no motivation and can tend to learn quickly (Ozuah, 2016). Adult learners are more diverse, than other age learners. This characteristic explains that adult learners are diverse in learning, they acquire from anywhere they get, and try to implement that gained knowledge in to their practical life. Diversity plays an effective role in learning because it helps an individual to learn quickly and with improves the quality of the work (Ozuah, 2016). The course which we have covered has helped a lot in identifying these charateristics in each individual, as the results of the course shows that we have learned effectively in the class.ReferencesEdwards, R., Sieminski, S., & Zeldin, D. (Eds.). (2014). Adult learners, education and training (Vol. 2). Routledge.Ozuah, P. O. (2016). First, there was pedagogy and then came andragogy. Einstein journal of Biology and Medicine, 21(2), 83-87.

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