Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:38
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IntroductionA computer is an electronic machine which is often used to compile and sort our information for the purpose of getting desired results. It has a vital importance in our lives because every sphere of the world belongs to the computer. To put in another way, our life is rotating around this electronic machine due to this modern era of technology (Beauvisage, 2009). There is a plethora of research available which is discussing the pros and cons of the computer use. In next section, we will try elaborate these advantages and disadvantages of computer use in our everyday life cycle.Advantages of ComputerThere are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of the computer use. If we talk about the advantages first, the computers can compile the huge amount of information in a fast and compact way than any other machine in the world. A computer is a multitasking machine because it can be used to perform various jobs at the same time. Concisely speaking, the major advantages can be present in better way with the help of bullets form as follow;Used to calculate the complex mathematical problemsStore the plenty of data in a compact wayMost widely used to prepare business reports and other official documentsThe use of computer minimized the cost of different transactionsFaster than man in processing information from one place to anotherIt is an ultimate choice for the kids to play games (Subrahmanyam et, al., 2000)If we attach internet with Computer then it becomes matchlessDisadvantages of ComputerOn the other hand, if we talk about the disadvantages of computer they can summarize in bullet form as follow;The use of computers have massive negative impact on the youth that keeps them busy in surfing different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. and restrict them to become an active member of the creative community (Gross, 2004).The technology is changing day by day that involves huge amount of additional costsA skilled person is required to operate the computer because some special expertise required to perform the advance programsViruses are the threats which can destroy the compiled information in computersLastly but most importantly, the computer is the main factor of reduction in employment opportunities because several tasks can be performed without the use of labor (Wang, & Jung, 2011)In a nutshell, there are so many advantages and disadvantages of the use of a computer but as a general, we can say that it is very effective innovation that ever made by a man. It has a significant impact on our daily personal and private lives and advantages outweigh the disadvantages.ReferencesBeauvisage, T. (2009, April). Computer usage in daily life. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 575-584). ACM.Gross, E. F. (2004). Adolescent Internet use: What we expect, what teens report. Journal of applied developmental psychology, 25(6), 633-649.Subrahmanyam, K., Kraut, R. E., Greenfield, P. M., & Gross, E. F. (2000). The impact of home computer use on children’s activities and development. The future of children, 123-144.Wang, Y. T., Wang, Y., & Jung, T. P. (2011). A cell-phone-based brain–computer interface for communication in daily life. Journal of neural engineering, 8(2), 025018

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