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Published: 2021-07-07 00:06:04
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IntroductionIn psychology, aggression means certain behaviors that can be harmful to your own self, others and for the objects in the environment. Harm to others could be physically or mentally. There are four main forms of aggression. Physical, mental, emotional and verbal. There could be many purposes of aggression, to achieve a certain goal, a reaction of pain, to express dominance, to express possession etc. In my case, whenever I try to achieve something in my life, my reactions and behaviors towards achieving that target become aggressive. I wanted to achieve good grades in my previous exams, I worked hard to achieve that, used to study in my room where no one was allowed to come, not even my parents. There have been times when I was not able to concentrate on studies. This happens to all those who have an aggression problem. If they want to achieve something and there is this disturbance they are facing, their reaction becomes uncontrollable. Like I use to break things when I was not able to concentrate, acted horribly when someone comes to pay me a visit when I am studying. This was not in my hands, now I am trying to control it because it made me realize that due to this not only I am hurting myself but others too. While driving a car, if someone cuts me I started yelling and berating him or her. This was termed as Impulsive aggression in psychology. With the help of my family and friends now I have controlled these aggression issues and continuing working. It has been found evidence that those individuals who are aggressive, when feeling betrayal, may likely increase a chance of suicide (Martin et al., 2017).Works CitedMartin, Rachel L., et al. “The Impact of Aggression on the Relationship Between Betrayal and Belongingness Among US Military Personnel.” Military Psychology 29.4 (2017): 271-282.

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