Airport Management System

Published: 2021-07-07 00:16:47
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Project Overview:The “airport management system” is designed to store the information about the airport, flights, flight schedule, passengers, baggage, check-in, booking and payments.Project Description:The airport management system automates the airport processes. This system can be used to keep the record of the information related to airport details, flights, flights schedule, passengers, baggage, booking, check-in and payments. The system can be accessed by the authorized members. The information stored in the database tables will be linked together by following the relationship rules of the Database management systems. The System will generate reports for effective decision making, hence improving the performance of the airports. The airport management system will be user-friendly. The look and feel of the system will be attractive thus enhancing the usability and user experience.Problems in the Existing Systems:The existing systems requires continuous changings. The existing systems is not much flexible. The system is unable to handle more data and generating errors, interrupting the business operations. The graphical user interface of the existing system is not good and user friendly. It requires extensive trainings for the employees to operate the system. The usability of the system is very low. The system fails to generate required report. The airport management needs the efficient and effective report generation process for further decision making.Solutions:There should be new airport management system. The GUI of new system should be attractive. The system can be user-friendly. The information should be stored in the well organized and properly defined tables. The tables should be linked together by defining the proper foreign key and primary key constraints. It will be easy to generate reports as the information is stored in an organized manner. The selection of database management systems also plays a key role in improving the performance of the overall management systems.Database management systems:The Microsoft SQL Server is the best choice for airport management system. The SQL server effectively handle large data. It provides intelligent data manager on the server for the clients to interact with the tables. If a client system halts or crashes, or there is a network interruption, data manger does not commit the incomplete transaction, in this way the system interruption does not effects the underlying table. This features makes the MSSQL more reliable then other DBMS’s.There is a transaction log maintained by the client or server software. To restore the backup due to system crash, the transaction log can be used to backup the database by restoring all the completed transactions.SQL server maximizes data integrity by utilizing ‘triggers’ which can be used at the time of data insertion, modification or deletion. The triggers are used at the table level and they are not ignored or forgotten by the client system.The Microsoft SQL Server is an optimized one, the sql server quickly performs filtration then the client machine. The data sent over the internet is minimum hence maximizing the performance. As in the most of the database management systems, their low performance factor is the transmission of huge data over network, but the MSSQL performance increases dramatically by reducing the data transmitted over the network. MSSQL supports thousands of users simultaneously without performance degradation.However it is very challenging to implement as it is much bigger and complex as compare to the existing database management system. It is not an easy system to manage. The airport management needs IT staff to manage it. It is costly to maintain it. The development of the database systems using MSSQL is complex and take longer.

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