American football team and Racism Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:37
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This article is about the ways in which American football team protested and refused to play to show retaliation to racism. They wanted to be vocal about their opposition towards the repulsive act of shooting of the African Americans that had taken place just a few days before they were set to play. However, they took the knee. The writer of the article starts off by talking about the incident itself. Upon further reading the article, it becomes clear to the reader that the writer is of the opinion that the evidence of the incident are exaggerated.This becomes evident as soon as he mentions that contrary to what the media portrays, killings go African Americans are actually pretty rare. The author then talks about the disadvantaged position that the African American community of America is in and the difficulties that it is faced with. Their conditions also explain the high number of criminals that arise out of their community, and the writer strengthens this point by quoting factual and quantitative data. It is due to this reason and because of having sympathies with the African Americans that the players showed their sentiments by taking a knee.As meaningful as this gesture was, the reactions from the general public and the football fans were surprisingly pretty negative. People do not want politics to get merged with their favorite sport and as a result, the ratings for the games dropped drastically. Since such facts are quantitatively backed up by numerical evidence, this gives weight to the writer’s content and ensures the reader that what he is writing is in fact true. However, the fact that he thinks it necessary to mention that not all the fans have stopped watching the game and that people still do come and pay for their tickets to enjoy the game proves that there is some element of truth in the argument that he is making. This is very important for gaining trust of the reader.Lastly, he ends the discussion by mentioning the dire need for players to engage with and build connections with their fans. Because of so much gap and lack of communication between the two, the players have absolutely no idea about the sentiments of the people who like to watch them play. Lack of communication is the major cause of the problem that the writer identifies. According to him, the players were shocked at the people’s reactions only because they have only had minimum interactions and dialogue with their fans. This also indirectly suggests that for him, the solution is to bridge this gap that exists between the players and their fans if they wish to continue to earn from their profession as sportsmen. 

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