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Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:28
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Immigration is an international form of movement of individuals from a destination in a country where they are not born or they do not have citizenship as a way of settling mostly one tends to stay there permanently or rather take up an employment with an immigrant workers who work as foreigners. As per the economist immigration is of crucial importance to the countries who are receiving them as well as the sender. It has positive impacts on the foreign population but what is seem to be controversial is the question on how the low skilled natives get helped by the low skilled immigrants. A number of researches and studies carried that when we remove barriers will profound the effects on the GDP. Economists argue that removing the barriers will allow mobility between the developing countries will help in reducing poverty. I agree that when these barriers ae removed will allow people to move freely as well as working in countries of their choice. This paper will analyze the impacts of the immigrants to the American economy and the society at large.The immigration issue in America has been long supported and its growth as well its dynamism of the united stated economy. They add a significant amount to the US GDP and these economic impacts of the immigrants is coming in the next generation as well as decades to come. The legislative arm of government should try to come up with designated and legal systems which provide the illegal immigrants or unauthorized immigrants into the state with a way of gaining their citizenship. It was during the colonial era that America received a major wave of immigration during the 1st part of the 19th century. A large number of immigrant were seen coming to America where they have come to seek for economic opportunities since many believe that America is full of greater economic opportunities while others were in search of religious freedom (Borjas, 26).Information shows a 42.4 million of immigrants who are living in America both legal as well as illegal are now living in America. Some of them are against their will and due to a number of circumstances which has forced them to move from their country of birth in search of peace of growth be it economic and religious freedom. In recent years the rates at which the immigrant employees are securing their employment tend to be similar as that of the natives. According to the employment data recorded in the year 2015 82 percent of both natives as well as immigrants occupy job positions. Most immigrants have attained higher levels of education and they occupy the highest professions in the society. For instance most of the doctors are of the Asian and Indians origin. They are said to be the best doctors in the medical filed. The united states is currently experiencing a historic flow of the unskilled immigration which is in bruising news conference last week was seen.Unveiling the administration new immigration proposals miller mentioned that a shift between the do and the don’t acquires a green card .It is from a perfect reasoning for the revisiting of the American immigration policy that had remained in a consistent for a number of years like 50 years as well as favors family which is skilled based quotas different from other western countries. However we can say that the current observed unskilled immigrants flow into the country is as a historic thing that has never been observed there before, in simple terms we can say it is a betrayal to the history where it was only skilled immigrants that were seen into the country where they came to benefit the country economy with their skills like in the medical fields among others.The wave of immigrant which had a large number of almost 40 million individuals comprised of the unskilled people as well as those who are not fluent in English. Previously, in the past years most of the people who came to America had no interest in being the Americans citizen where they were only interested in making money and returning home. The shift proposed which focused on the skill based shift might be of importance or rather bad to the country. The prevailing ways of doing this in Canada as well as Australia whereby they are known for being hostile to the immigrants. Miller CNN reporter clearly indicated that trumps plan would send a signal which would bring a dramatic American tradition as well as history.The way some countries which re host treats their immigrants both employers, government as well as original population in a topic of a continual debate in a criticism as well as the violation of the migrants human rights which seems to be an ongoing crisis. Most of the immigrant proponents argue that the freedom of movement of individuals from one country to the other is a basic human right which every individual has a right to enjoy. In the recent centuries of globalization many countries have become so affirm its openness and they declined to build wall of insularity America have been an exception for a century now. If America will turn towards the sense of security and built the wall will be isolating it from the economic opportunities.The great economic growth that is brought by the skilled immigrants will decline in a larger percent. China on the other hand who are economic competitors of the Americans seems to be opening doors for more outside communities to come into the country for investment purposes and it is an act that the western Europe is following as well. The Western Europe has declined the isolation and it has become the real solution to the American heritage. As the world is turning into a global village immigration has become one of the trending headlines and many countries have opened up for many free trade markets. Due to the globalization it has made easier for people to move from one place to the other freely and allow them to work in different countries. It is important for the host country to understand the positive effects that are related to the immigration. There are a number of works that immigrants can do and the natives cannot (Heer 103).The United States immigration department has come up with a number of policies are of interest and are meant to bring the immigrants who have certain qualifications or who are at a certain level of education as a way of enhancing the country economic growth. However these policies may lead to a certain population being dominant to the American culture as well as creating certain stereotypical image which shows that the minority groups are the most hardworking more than the native dominant population. In today demographic they indicate that the US immigrants’ population is almost the same as that of the 19th century where the present of immigrants had raised to a 15 percent level. Most of immigrants are from Italy, German, as well as Canada.Those who are born in American become the Citizens of America as well as those who have lived in the country for over 14 years have a right to own properties and businesses. The children can attain higher education and occupies higher professional positions such as lawyers, engineers as well as accountants. Immigration has a number of significant impacts on some works in various industries. The immigrant effect is not a widespread in the employment fields but rather the immigrants do not have an impact to the consumers.However the newly arrived immigrants do not have the same opportunities compared to the one who have lived in America for a number of years. More so they cannot even speak fluent English hence making it difficult for them to compete with the native born on the employment opportunities. The ones who do not have higher education certificates works in the construction and agricultural sectors and cheap labor sectors. With them they can work with lower wages and tend to push away the native born from that field. Their labor is cheap and available hence most of the employers in the construction and agricultural sectors prefer the immigrants to work for them (McGruder 180).In conclusion we can say immigration has both positive as well as negative impacts to the society. However the positive impacts seem to be overlying the negative one since they seem to be more beneficial. Therefore Americans should consider how they economically benefit from the immigrants rather than focusing on building a block wall they should consider openness for the GDP to increase. Additionally most of the immigrants with higher and advanced degrees are good in technical as well as scientific jobs which do not require a lot of communication as well as fluent English. Every individual should be given the right to live anywhere as long as they live harmoniously and promoting the country economy. On the contrary the claims that the immigrants are believed to be criminals should be stopped since they make a very smaller percentage of innate in the citedBorjas, George J., ed. Issues in the Economics of Immigration. University of Chicago Press, 2008.Heer, David. Immigration in America’s future: Social science findings and the policy debate. Routledge, 2018.McGruder, Howard Wayne. “Immigration and growth of GDP in the United States of America.” (2016).

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