Bach vs. Mach

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:19
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Bach and Mozart are two musical geniuses of their time and were considered the best music composers of the time. Both received a lot of appreciation and respect and they had a lot of loving fans. The music they made is undoubtedly marvelous but they differ in several aspects of music like texture, harmony, melody, instrumentation, and music structure.Bach viewed teaching about God through his music an essential part of friendship with God. In his era called the Baroque era, bass in music was popular and the progression felt in the texture was often tonicizing. In contrast, the Mozart’s Classical era was more of a structured music era. They used the structure used in the Baroque era but they used chord “i” instead of “vi”.Bach’s music had G minor to E flat major, while that of Mozart it is No. 40 in G minor and the change between the 4 movements is interesting. The Jazz music of Bach was mildly tonal with several modal changes, but observing Mozart’s music we find it strictly confined to tonal. Mozart’s theme began and ended with “i” and the combination established tonality in the music. In contrast, Bach’s music has cadences and progressions with tonalities and the theme mostly begins with tonality.There also exists a difference in melodies of both artists. In Mozart’s music, the progression and condenses are equal and there exists a pattern in going up and down in melody. His melodies either played by an instrument or sung by vocals has satisfying breaks. Bach’s music, however, is mechanical.In most of his works, Bach did not indicate the instruments he would like his music to be composed on. There also exists variation in his music instrumentation when he used chorus and keyboard works in the mix to shape his tonal harmony. Mozart used instruments like Violins, violas, keyboard, and Clavichord, while Bach was fond of Harpsichord, Lautenwerk, Lute and Keyboard.

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