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Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:50
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IntroductionThe way personality of any individual is shaped up; there are many factors that are working that have to be taken into the consideration. For instance there education, The family background that they have as well as some other considerations are the big part as far as the perosnlaity development of that person goes.; The roele of parents is specially important in this regard, if they are generally behaving well with their children and are inculcating good set of values in them, then it means that they are doing something good. On the other hand, if they are not able to bring about good set of values. Then these children have mental issues that are needed to be sorted out. In this paper, I would be discussing about myself with regards to the sort of interactions that I have with my parents as well as the family dynamics that I was supposed to live with Furthermore, I would be also talking about the interactions that I have with my siblings.Family BackgroundMy name is Sujin Lee. I am 24 years old female. I was born in the region of South Korea. These are we are living in Korea. Now, when one talks about the extent to which I am happy with my family, then it has to be said that I am quite content and if I have to rate myself in terms of the fact that how happy I am with my family, then I would give it about 5 rating out of ten. The reason that I have ranked the satisfaction on the higher side is that by nature, both of my parents are good hearted. As a personality, they both are quite different from each other but other than that, in totality they are good people with decent ideals about life. At the same time, my siblings are not the one who is able to express them in the appropriate manner.As a daughter, I think I have done what was expected from me with regards to making sure that I do not indulge in anything that goes against the value preposition of my family. At the same time the big part of the whole equation is the sort of equation that I tend to enjoy with sister as she is the one with whom I am pretty close and intimate. For studying purpose, these days I am living in United States and the culture shock as well as the lack of expertise is something that goes beyond me. At the same time, when I am living abroad, I have to do things on my own and even when my health is far from ideal, there is no respite for me as far as my whole routine is concerned.The thing that upsets me the most rough is that I wish I would have better relations with my father. He is very strict and comes hard on discipline, and even though it is something that is good as it has allowed my personality development to be carried out in the appropriate direction, the problem is that it has not allowed me to make sure that I get close to him in any manner. At the same time, another thing that is needed to be taken into the consideration is the fact that how the divorce of my parents have affected my personality. For me, it was one of the saddest moments of my life. The reason that it feels so bad is that oath of them are good people with good personality traits. The issue is that both of them have completely different personalities and perspectives on things. It is one of the main reasons that they did not used to get along well which eventually turned into a divorce.Another reason that it is a very sad thing to be happened is due to the fact that it has not allowed us as a family to get together and spend some time together. There are many decisions that I have made that I am proud of and despite the fact that situation has been thought for me, locating to United States in the pursuit if the studies is one of the key decisions that I have made. Even though the situation is tough and I have to manage things on my own, I eventually believe that this is one decision that is going to benefit me in the long run as far as my skill set and personality is concerned.Economic Consideration and Social StatusWhen one talks about our economic status, then it has to be said that we are fairly decent in this regard. Even though we are not in some sort of financial crisis, our overall economic situation is quite average to say the least. Coming towards the fact that how it has affected our personality and outlook on life, then it has profound impact on me and the way I go about my business. The social class and the overall economic status was one of the key things that prompted me to study hard. Again, there was not a financial crisis, but the way we were brought up, there were two considerations that I have with respect to my economic class. The first one was the fact that how important money is.In fact value of money is still highly regarded in my family and due to that, I make sure that wherever possible, I try to save my expenses and cut down on certain things that are not adding value to my life. Not only that, I try to make sure that I always save up certain amount to ensure that I have enough money to take care of the expenses that I have had done for the rest of the day. This is where some of the cultural differences that I have with the United States come into play. For instance, in the United States it is very common to tip people unlike Korea where it is considered to be done as something out of the courtesy and it not mandatory. Here in the United States, one of the biggest challenges that are being faced by me is that how it is going to be made sure that I get through the semester. I try to make sure that I bear my own expenses. And due to that, at time I have to carry out the odd jobs, but again as I said, the way I was brought up, it is part of my value system to make sure that I do not borrow money from my parents and instead of asking money from my parents, I try to make sure that I get through my expenses on my own.The sense of self dependency is something that I am quite proud of. I and my sister both try to make sure that we do not take anything from our parents. As a matter of fact, our parents were quite keen on making sure that even though we get all the necessary things during the course of our childhood, they made us realize that all these things came with a cost and it is important to make sure that the money as a commodity is something that should be valued and spending must be carried out with due consideration. Again if one talks about the biggest crisis or the challenging time that I have to face during the course of my life then I would regard the divorce proceedings of my parents is some of the challenges of my lifetime. It was an emotionally shattering moment for me due to the fact that I really wanted to share the experience of my family and the times that we spend together was fun and quite memorable.I was not able to realize that the perception of perfect family that I had at that point of time is going to be completely broken at that point of time. It was an emotionally daunting time period and even though my sister is quite adaptable and does not talk that much about the whole incident, I am still trying to come to terms with the way this whole incident turned out. As far as the religious considerations are talked about, even though we respect what religion preaches and the values that it inculcates in the individual, we are quite orthodox as far as the way we follow the religion as we totally adhere to the basic teachings.Learning from the TopicOne of the key learnings with regards to this whole discussion that I was able to identify the motivations behind some of the decisions that were made by me as well as I was able to comprehend the rationale behind the thought process if my parents. It is good that they were not compatible with each other and they separated. It is no point in spending time with those people with whom you are not happy as it is the matter of life. Thus what must be done is to make sure that whatever little time one gets to spend together; effort must be made to do it in a good spirit. Despite this understanding though, it is quite disappointing to say the least that how the divorce went ahead. It is one of the most painful memories of my past and something that I seriously struggle to get to terms with even today. Again, they had their reasons and it is no point in thinking about the past and as my parents have moved on, maybe I should try to do it too.The whole exercise has also provided I with the good idea that how at times decisions which you might not like in the short term might be good for your future. For instance, at the moment life is quite tough for me due to the fact that I have not only make sure that I manage my studies, but to get myself acquainted with the culture of the United States is one of the biggest challenges that I have to face at the moment. The biggest issue that I am facing specially at the moment is that how I would be able to get hold of the language problem. There are some other cultural considerations as well. What it is doing though is that it is allowing me to make sure that I am able to toughen up a little bit. The whole experience would allow me to make sure that I am able to adjust in any environment. As a matter of fact, the whole exercise that I am doing is allowing me to make sure that how important it is to not lose the essence of your personality.The other basic learning that I had this from my exercise that how some of the thing that was the part of my background played a part in my personality development. From all the things such as the divorce of my parents, to my decision to be locating in the United States played the part in shaping my personality and this exercise was particularly useful in making sure that I was able to understand some of the motivations behind the way I act. At the same time, other important thing that this whole exercise provided me with an idea about what is the long term perspective that is needed to be developed to the way whole aspect of the mentally development is needed to be taken. The other thing that I learned from the whole exercise is that the family is something that I really cherish and no matter what sort of equation we share with each other, I always rely on them when it comes to the emotional support.ConclusionThe decisions and the circumstances that one gets to face during the course of their life leaves its market on their future. The same is the case with me. At the moment, I am quite content with my life and I would rate it at 5 if I have to rate it out of 10. One of the biggest decisions that I have taken during the course of my life is that how I have shifted to United States, at the moment, the prospect is quite challenging for me due to the fact that the cultural shock that I am facing at the moment here is quite daunting to say the least. Not only that, I am here on my own and if there is a health problem there is no one who would take care of me.

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