Bubonic Plague or Black Death

Published: 2021-07-06 23:14:33
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According to the articles, what were the causes of the plague; what were the symptoms of the plague?The bubonic plague, also known as the ‘black death,’ was an easily communicable infection that affected thousands of people. According to the Medical Faculty of the University of Paris (41-44), the plague was related to the ‘pestilential sickness’ and ‘evil in the air.’ They believed that the plague was a result of the corruption of the air they victims came in contact with, which was contaminated by several diseases and infections. Moreover, Boccaccio (75-79) blames the causes on the unhygienic practices and the increased contact with the patient, since the plague was easily transferable.Abū Jaˁfar Ahmad ibn Khatima (55-62) talks about the symptoms and signs to be associated with the patient that is was communicated from. This means that the victim has similar signs such as blood in vomit, buboes on the glands, and so on.According to Abū Jaˁfar Ahmad ibn Khatima, what were the remedies for the plague?Abu Jaffar (55-62) offered simple solutions to the plague which primarily focused on hygiene. He introduced methods of prevention which included avoiding contaminated air, eating foods that include wheat and barley, sleeping during the night and avoiding unrest in odd hours and other factors that can make the body weaker and lose immunity to infections.According to the articles, what were the social and psychological effects of the plague?Boccaccio (75) describe the social activity to be completely given up by the people. It is reported that people began to live in isolation and avoided contact with any outsider, no matter what, even ignored any news of the dead or important announcements. People were psychologically unstable and unprepared for the trauma of burying their loved ones and their neighbors. They maintained a simple and modest life, which included minimum food and basic practices to survive.According to the articles, how did people react to the plague? Why did Pope Clement VI issue Sicut Judeis (Mandate to Protect Jews)?People were afraid and threatened by the increasing number of people dying due to minimum contact with others. This made them paranoid and anti-social, locking themselves in their houses. Others were frightened and associated the plague with minority groups and the evils of opposite religions, such as the movement of the Christians against the Jews. This led to Pope Clement VI (158-159) issue a mandate to protect the jews, called Sicut Judeis.Works CitedAberth, John, and John Aberth. The Black Death: the great mortality of 1348-1350: a brief history with documents. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005.

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