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Published: 2021-07-06 06:39:59
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Homeless individuals are not always distinct and separate population. In fact, they live in the society where wealthy individuals are included. Most of them are disadvantageous in that they lack various basic needs which are necessary for their well-being. Most of them cannot share much of what they have with each other. According to Umber & Kara’s (2010), homelessness is marked as a failure to provide basic security needs to the community (p.45). 2% percent of the world’s inhabitants do not have a place to dwell in. Another 20 % lacks a pleasant place to live. The causes of homelessness reveal a complicated interplay between individual circumstances, systems failures, and structural factors However becoming homeless leads to health problems, and abuses, thus necessary measure should be laid down to improve the economic status of the affected individuals.One of the leading causes of homeless is structural factors. The economic and social issue affects the prospect of the individual living standard. One of the main factors is inadequate income flow, access to housing, health supports, and discrimination from others. Instability of the economy either internationally of locally creates many challenges in earning some cash for personal needs. Poor people are also vulnerable to face difficulties in paying various necessities such as food, housing as well as providing education and health care for their children. Furthermore, the shortage of an affordable and safe housing contributes to one’s becoming homeless. According to Thompson, (2012), “Most of the Canadian families and other ordinary citizens pay 50% more of their income on house rent making them at risk of becoming homeless” (p.67). Perhaps, the resultant factor is the lack of safe and affordable housing nationwide. Moreover, discrimination is experienced and can hinder one from getting employment, getting better justice as well as helpful services. Ethnic groups and sexual minorities are some individuals at risk of being discriminated against.Another cause is Systems failures. It occurs when other systems providing support services fail thus requiring vulnerable individuals to turn out to the homeless sector whereas other governmental bodies could have produced such support. Some example of such system failures includes difficulty in the transition from the welfare of the child, poor planning discharge for individuals living in the hospital, mental health problems, drugs abuse facilities and lack of support for individuals seeking for shelter.The final factor is Individual and personal relationships. It applies to the personal state of affairs of the homeless individual, and it includes traumatic events for instance natural calamities or job loss. The personal crisis is another problem, families may break, or they may be a misunderstanding among the members. The other one is mental health and drug addictions. One can be injured in the brain or may as well become a drunken addict. All this can cause homeless since one is not able to control his or her self. The logical problems here are the extreme poverty, or domestic violence (McCauslin, 1994, p.89).There is a possible solution to end homeless Individuals. One of them is spreading the love around those who are affected. Usually, the affected are not seen as part of society; they are discriminated from interaction with an economically advantageous one. The living standard between the rich and the poor is always broader. It is for these reasons that the wealth, the religious and well-wisher offers their support at an instant time. Wealth individuals with large mansions should provide some rooms at an affordable price to the needy. They should not discriminate them but live with them since there are some services which such individuals could offer. Churches and temples should provide their support by contributing some money to buy foodstuffs and clothes. In most case, religious bodies understand that helping a neighbor is a rewarding thing in life. Leaders should thus take some steps by organizing some forums which are essential in encouraging the development of supportive housing for individuals leaving around them. The religious bodies should also have the responsibilities of educating homeless individuals on living in a pleasant environment as well as avoiding drugs usage since it affects one’s life.One other reason to note is training young workers. In most cases, young adults are always at high risk of becoming homeless after leaving institutions such as jail since they lack the necessary skills applicable in earning a living thus ending up on the street. To stop such practices training programs that focus on the construction-related trade should be employed. Individuals or intended bodies should provide such training by educating young individuals as well as paying them some salary to support themselves as they open their businesses. Such programs will enable one to earn some earning, and it will as well as prevent homeless individuals (McCauslin, 1994, p.89).The other way of preventing homelessness is intervening in time to evicting someone who resides at a particular house. Some tenants may evict a person who is not financially stable for the reason that he or she as failed to pay house rent in time. Research should thus be carried out on them and find a possible solution to solve problems as well as avoiding potential actions which may lead to homelessnessIt should be noted that the homeless is one of the major problem experienced in today’s world. Government and other nongovernmental intuitions should play their part in reducing the rate of homelessness among individuals in the society. Individuals who are economically advantageous should assist the affected people as well as showing them some love since they are of great importance in the community.ReferenceUmberson, D., & Karas, M. J. (October 08, 2010). Social affairs and wellbeing: A Flashpoint for Health guiding principle. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 51.Thompson, T. (2012). Homelessness. Detroit: Greenhaven Press.McCauslin, M. (1994). Homelessness. New York: Crestwood House.

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