Certified Specialist Business Intelligence

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:51
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ReflectionIntroductionHealthcare organizational data has a variety of uses. Healthcare business intelligence can help organizations use their data to conduct research, identify and manage risks, increase financial efficiency and strengthen operational effectiveness.Certified Specialist Business Intelligence Certified Specialist Business Intelligence allows one define and professionally set themselves apart with useful test based business intelligence certification credentials.Certification defines success in Certified Specialist Business Intelligence. Certification requires that an individual completes three exams, two compulsory and one specialty of choice. One can choose one of the two main examinations plus data foundations as two of the exams. The third exam is offered in four different specialty areas. A person can become certified in multiple specialty areas by taking exams for each desired areas (Brijs, 2016).Certified Specialist Business Intelligence Exam Preparation. A course in exam preparation is conducted. These courses are meant for those with knowledge and experience as it would benefit applicants from an interactive and informative review before the exam. Preparation is conducted through reviewing concepts and terminology, discussions and practicing with sample exam questions. Exam preparation classes are held by a certified instructor who has experience in examination processes and can share techniques that will help when taking the exam (Sallam et al., 2014). Anyone willing to take the exams should sign up for online classes and access the wide range of available resources and services essential in certification.If one is unsuccessful in taking the examination, a retake is possible. Applicants are allowed two retakes, each for a fee. The retakes are within one year since receipt of the approval email.ConclusionCertified Specialist Business Intelligence is essential in healthcare. It allows an individual get industry recognition, employer confidence and greater adaptability in work environments. It helps use data in research, practical operational management and increase financial efficiency.ReferencesBrijs, B. (2016). Business analysis for business intelligence. Auerbach Publications.Sallam, R. L., Tapadinhas, J., Parenteau, J., Yuen, D., & Hostmann, B. (2014). Magic quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms. Gartner RAS core research notes. Gartner, Stamford, CT.

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