Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:41
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A civil right is the privileges that a citizen in a country is entitled to which is equality in terms of opportunities in economic, political and social structures. Civil liberty, on the other hand, it means the privileges that an individual in the state are entitled to without the government infringing on the rights of the individual. The later can also be interpreted as the liberty or consent that an individual activity, thoughts and what he or she says does not hurt other people (Bork, 2003).The 9/11 attack was one of the deadly attacks that have ever occurred in the nation both abroad home citizens. Leaders were steadfast to introduce appropriate strategies that will help in strengthening the security structure of the country. Individual rights were to be sacrificed with the aim of increasing safety both as individuals and as a state (Bork, 2003). These were President Bush era and he was experiencing major security upheavals in countering the issue of terrorism. The individual liberty was to be sacrificed for the sake of the security since people had to pass through regular checks. The regular security checks done in most of the facilities is to ensure that no one carries substances such as explosives that will hurt other people.ReferenceBork, R. (2003). Civil liberties after 9/11. Commentary Magazine, 3-5.

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