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Colorado is a state found in the United States of America, it gained its current status states in the year 1876.It’s one of the states whose women’s lives before and after world wars attracts various arguments. Reason being, women in Colorado despite higher positioning of men, they strictly survived and involved in various activities that motivated many women to date. Women’s life in Colorado attracted many views, scholars and researchers for example stood out to explain in depth however researchers have uncovered fascinating details of female world since they used details into an extended context, whereas Scholars used regional perspectives to explain female lives. As a result, there reports garnered various materials taken from actual contexts hence was supportive. They were able to discover female life experiences and how it affected them in those days as far their lives and activities were concerned. Reading and scrutinizing these provided source documents, It is vivid Colorado women’s attraction emerged as a result of how they lived their lives, their knowledge and education, their involvement in voluntary education and their space in work force . These concerns are tied to explaining women of Colorado because they are that what forms uniqueness of their lives just as it was highlighted in my draft.THEIR PERSONAL LIVESOne complete record narrating Life of a twelve year old girl found in the 1890 diary of Adelaide French, explained her life as a woman, she lived in a ranch in Denver. This is just but part of diaries summarizing life of Colorado born woman who chose not to get married, spent their much time in women’s clubs, chose to be a teacher, enjoyed life and died later age 96years. Diaries of (1898-1902). Despite this, there are various diaries explaining lives of Colorado women in firsthand information.First and foremost, Diary of Mamie Derbyshire, exists a narration describing the Lives of Adolescent girls in the year 1860-1870s.This is depicted from the correspondence of a visitor in Pueblo since (1871-72) written to her best friend. This letter was more of personal and was linked to the two participant’s life experiences as women. These Series of letters openly showed lives of women as far as marriage is concerned. The two share out the problem of finding a good husband for oneself. However, the sender (Ellen) seems to be giving hopes to recipient (Sarah) because she seems to have a good experience by encountering company of good male friends. This shows how much women valued friendship, they were opened to each other and that they faced problems of marriage.Secondly, Florence diaries of 1874-1879, 1880, 1881 and 1885 describes life experience of women in Denver whose age ranged from 16-26 years. Taking life of McCune, who shared that her roles changed with time. The older she grew, the more responsibilities she had. In 1881 for example, she lost her father and this desperately affected her life which changed all of a sudden. This was due to increased responsibilities. She luckily secured herself a job in the office where she faced various difficulties. Most of the times, she was blamed for any emerging crisis in the office. This ruined her life and at some point she even had a disagreement with her mother. In her statements, its vivid she had no trust for marriage. She rejected like two marriage proposals claiming she would love it if she can die single or unmarried. By this, she formed among the women who remained single all along in Colorado. However, some other women who were so busy with their professions and careers e.g. teaching, writing remained single as well. Most probably because freedom of a marriage woman was reduced, time limited as marriage kept them so busy, forcing professional women remain single all along.In addition, there emerged diaries about married women and their lives with their families. For example, 1863 Sarah L.D, a 22 year old wedded woman who evacuated from Midwest to Denver after her wedding, had some sort of different of which was termed as that of upper class women. Her act of changing environment makes her miss the entire family left behind for she travelled along with her husband alone. This first indicates the concerns of women, how they felt connected to their family and marriages. Moreover, her life experience is termed as that of the women of leisure in Colorado who were actually of the majority. Most prominent women’s lives experiences were however posted in public and majority were able to read and learn from them.Women of Colorado was also grounded withy entertainment as they entertained guests and attended various social occasions. There were Elite of women who organized events for other women or couple. As from the complement of Isabel Nesmith’s arrangements, it is clear UPPER-CLASSS WOMEN existed. The pictures of these social events attended by various women who highly enjoyed life are depicted in Mrs. Henry Warren’s scrapbooks. She was a wife of a Methodist bishop hence frequently attended social functions, giving her clear reflection of social functions. Furthermore, upper class women seemed to have enjoyed travelling from one place to another, watching plays or films, taking photographs and many more pleasurable activities. These are indicated in travel diaries of upper class women who include Alice Hill, Mrs. Owen and the young Ruth. Harriet Rose is another interesting woman whose descriptions are somehow close to artificial and modern life. Reason being, she included party things, theatre or films, dinners and church attendance. This is derived from her own diary of August 1908.VOLUNTARY EDUCATIONIn Colorado, high school was available to all females. By 1861, compulsory public education was written, from there many schools emerged. States like Denver had both private and public schools leaving parents to decide where to admit their daughters. Boarding school though, gave only wealthier families a first chance. In 1880, University began in Denver as private higher learning institution. It’s so until 1909 when Colorado Woman’s Collage was formed. Women of Colorado highly felt motivated and were interested. This was an opportunity to them, for they were able to attain their bachelor’s degree. Wealthier girls though chose to go to East for the Degree their education. As from the institutional Memorabilia, education seemed to have discriminated the poor girls from the rich girls. The rich girls joined quality universities compared to girls from poor families.WOMEN ORGANIZATIONAs from various materials allocated; reports, programs included, there emerged women’s organizations and associations in Colorado. This information was posted in the manuscripts of the minutes they had during meetings. Good source is PRE-1914 period. The Minutes clearly revealed sort of objective and goals they had and strategies of their organizations. These organizations included Woman’s club of Denver, Clio clubs and Daughters of American Revolution among others. These clubs were linked to structures and strict procedures as per membership recruitments, leadership or nomination, the attendants of the club, management of the daily activities and running activities e.g. time taken. Limitations of membership was also included in the structure, for example if whether level of education is considered, procedure of their nominations as per their organizational management is concerned and extra.THESE CLUBS OF WOMEN in Colorado had various functions. First and foremost being; it provided enjoyment for women in the large societies through the public services or payments. Some women for example Martha, a Canine became state legislator having served as a leader in Denver club. Some women managed to win executive positions, enabling women Colorado develop sense of believe in them and started taking opportunities in women clubs as important as it was clear it formed a good ground. However, most of women before World War 1 rarely engaged in paying jobs if not the domestic jobs. Nevertheless, some women provided much, Denver women for example were perceived as breadwinners.WOMEN LABOR FORCE.In the Year 1860 and 1910, information based on statistical data of women’s labor was published. These reports were based on marital status of female workers, black female workers, the settings of immigrants and occupations. To begin with, FEDERAL CENSUS of 1900 revealed that Colorado’s women who engaged in waitress and servants jobs were of greater number followed by those who took chances in teaching and professors in colleges and in dress making. .According to this report, only a thousand of black women and more of five thousand white women engaged in domestic affairs. Additionally, it recorded that majority of the working females in Colorado were single since only 17% were married while 3% were divorced women.Diaries are provided describing women’s experience in the field of occupation. Polly Pry for example, (1903-1905), narrates her story as a writer and editor. She pointed out important issues as far as corruption, leadership is concerned. She was brave and never hesitated pointing out such critical issues. By this, she formed among the women who were influential (Colorado women based magazine) and encouraged many to stand with no fear. Journalism for women from Denver Times by Edith, telephone girls and etc. were among occupations women indulges in.CHANGES IN THEIR LIVESIn Colorado, women lives came to change as from 1897 on that Christmas day when they were guaranteed an opportunity to publish a special issue of Denver News including their interest, wishes and activities. This came to change individuals hence the society.In conclusion, Studying women of Colorado is important because, the various contents given based on their lives, their progress,success,relations,different classes and efforts does not only add knowledge of the state’s female population, but also improve our understanding of their culture and how its related to the current or modern lives of women. It’s for this matter; I chose to select WOMEN IN COLORADO BEFORE FIRST WORLD WAR as my topic OF INTEREST.

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