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Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:20
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IntroductionChuck Gao discusses how innovative communication processes have helped Google resolve their China search engine market share. The top reason Chuck Gao (2014), holds that position is as in 2010 Google pulled out of China due to many hacking attempts on America that began from other countries other than the United States. He argues that the Chinese market is too appealing for Google to disregard with a lot of signs showing that Google is preparing to reenter in China.The second reason that Chuck holds this position is that Google claims a standout amongst the strongest brands on the planet. He also explains further that Google has the technological strength (Chuck, 2014). The more Google is utilized, the better it moves toward becoming to fabricate substantial database of pertinent data. This is a self-managing upper hand which implies that greater prominence implies a superior Google item progresses toward becoming, which makes its administrations more helpful and requested. Also, he clarifies that Google is fiscally powerful as it has expansive money streams from its online organizations and reinvests vigorously in various ventures, for example, Google’s vehicle, its Google goggles and its fiber optic system abilities which demonstrate that Google remains a creative pioneer.The communication strategies concentrate on employing qualified alumnae in the Chinese market, for future globalization design of Google. Due to this correspondence methodology, Chuk Gao tries to demonstrate a mentality that Google thinks about universal genius, together with Chinese alumnae (Chuck, 2014).Analysis of the Communication StrategyIn the communication strategy, various communications will be passed to the spectators emphasizing of diverse core aspects.ServicesFor clients, employing talented Chinese will enormously profit customers in Chinese through presenting many Google benefits on the terrain of China and will make a particular Chinese administration later on. Furthermore, clients around the globe will profit by divestment of Google’s contents and administrations.Sales For investors, reentry into the Chinese market will imply that Google will escalate globalization and, all the more imperatively, incomes will increment later on.Value ChainFor the employees, the communication strategy will mean that new talent will join the Google family. For the media, this will mean that many new story ideas and angles will be created. For the government, this will mean the creation of jobs and contribution to taxes.Continuous ImprovementThe communication strategy will improve the industry by promoting active expansion and thus present more talented and skillful personnel for the Chinese business faculty. Business interactions will look to drive status due to the presentation and continued utilization of one central message that will be utilized in every communication (Conrad, Beier, & Aquino, 2016).The potential problems of Google’s communication plan are that Google doesn’t have great relationships with the government of China, which is a serious drawback since its competitors have a strong government background. The possible solution to this issue is payment of taxes and ensuring that there are lawyers working practices in place.Another potential problem is that Google has not been familiar with China’s upcoming university graduates and the solution to this issue is by offering additional career positions as well as an additional option of career paths by providing information.Making itself accessible and reputable in China is another challenge faced by Google; the management has faced stiff competition in the search engine market from competitors such as Microsoft and Baidu. In China, most people use Baidu search engine and give Google tough time in market share. The solution is to launch advertising campaigns in their favor.Explanation of Integration Techniques This communication strategy can be implemented in my current workplace through developing a sequence of campaigns through hiring local skillful capable people from universities (Klewes, Popp, & Rost-Hein, 2017). For upcoming moves, we will get started through hiring talent by campaigns to make sure the corporation has an adequate reserve of local talent who have an idea regarding the domestic market for the preparedness to take over the domestic market. The campaigns will combine various activities and medium i.e. profession talks from the present human resources. This strategy will raise awareness of our company’s future moves and also increase media coverage.Another way of integrating this communication plan to my current workplace is by developing a critical account strategy in the local market for media and customer. To enhance the range of reporting that gets to spectators, in my program, there will understand of the information our business has more market share than other similar firms.Another way of integrating this communication plan in my workplace would be by keeping all stakeholders engages and informed. This would be achieved by making a plan for the board, committees and major departments. Communication of the business communication approach will make sure inner stakeholders are updated as well as connected (Conrad, Beier, & Aquino, 2016). People will be reached through the current channels of the corresponding available. By integrating this plan, there will be trust and respect between the company and its stakeholders. Our company will be promoted as a desired employer and also make sure all employees know and understand the communication strategy and plans.ReferencesChuck, G (2014). We are building a future, together. Corporate Communication Strategy. Retrieved July 29th, 2017. from, J., Popp, D., & Rost-Hein, M. (2017). Digital Transformation and the Challenges for Organizational Communications: An Introduction. In Out-thinking Organizational Communications (pp. 1-6). Springer International Publishing.Conrad, K. A., Beier, S., & Aquino, C. T. (2016, March). Effects of Cultural Diversity Information Sharing in Organizational Settings: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. In Academic Forum. Conference. Proceedings(p. 1). The Academic Forum.

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