Compare and Contrast on Sonography and Radiography

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:07
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IntroductionWith the help of the technologies like Sonography and Radiography diagnosis of chronic diseases in early stage has become easy. Sonography or ultrasound is the process in which high-frequency sound waves are passed through patient’s body. The waves are reflected back from the organs, and an image is made on the computer screen. The Radiography process takes advantage of high power X-rays that have potential to penetrate through the body, the body absorbs some of the X-rays, and a clear image of the internal organs of the body is made on the screen. This essay is aimed to compare and contrast the field of Sonography and Radiography, and it will discuss their job requirements, qualification required, earning potential and job growth.DiscussionThe process of Sonography needs a careful preparation of equipment and patient. The Sonographer at duty is responsible for various tasks that are meant to be done with care. The Sonographer prepares the patient for Sonography, chooses appropriate equipment for the exam, performs the sonograph examination and records the data. A Sonographer is also responsible for analyzing this data, making a report, and discussing the findings with the physician. The responsibilities of Radiographer are to perform the radiography process by first placing the patient in position, performing the Radiography exam of the patient, organizing of the report and discussion with the assigned physician. There are various types of radiography like mammography, MRI, and topography that require a specific procedure to be followed.To become a professional Sonographer, a two year Associate Degree in Sonography is required. There are one-year certification program also available but having a professional degree in the field is not a requirement, and most healthcare organizations need certified professionals or legal purposes. Similarly to be a professional Radiographer, two years Associate’s degree in radiologic technology is required, but again no professional degree is required as a must to be a radiography practitioner. Most of them in practice Radiographers complete a two-year certification, but these requirements vary by State ( salaries of both Sonographers and Radiographers vary by experience, organization, and State in which they are serving, but Sonographers on average are earning more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) record, the annual pay of Sonographers vary between $57,530 and $82,320 with a median at $69,650 ( The average pay Radiographers are getting nowadays vary by the type of Radiography they perform. More complex machine operators are usually earning high compared to simple X-ray Radiographers. Radiographers pay vary between $46,490 and $70,430 annually with a median at $57,450.With the increased health facilities, the number of Sonographers and Radiographers in the market is increasing. The employment rate for Sonographers is expected to grow by 17 after 2016 till 2026 ( This employment increase rate is much faster than the Radiographers who are expected to increase by 13% from 2016 to 2026. However, the current number of jobs for Radiographers is higher (241,700) than that of Sonographers, (122,300)ConclusionBoth Sonography and Radiography are considered respectable positions in the society, but they are similar and different in some ways. Both jobs do not need a professional degree as a must to practice, but a proper degree or certification is required in some states of America. The salaries of both Sonographers and Radiographers vary by their experience and nature of the job, but Sonographers are mostly earning more than Radiographers. The current number of jobs available for Radiographers is higher than that of Sonographers, but the job outlook for Sonographers is higher than that of Radiographers. The government should consider providing more opportunities and benefits to people in these fields to facilitate them who are linked with the sacred field of healthcare.Works Cited“U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics.” N. p., 2018. Web. 20 Apr. 2018.“U.S. News.” N. p., 2018. Web. 20 Apr.2018.“Medical And Health Professions.” N. p., 2018. Web. 20 Apr. 2018.

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