Conflict Analysis between Kenya and Jose

Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:27
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Conflict AnalysisThere is a conflict between Kenya and Jose. It is identified from the case that Jose retained his competitive position through hiring the staff that is less competent than him. He is working on his skills in an environment where there is no competition. On the other hand, Kenya is a skilled employee having vast experience in the business. She is the lady who can give strong competition to Jose and so he decided to exclude her from his new project. It is clear from the case that Jose is enjoying his monopoly and cannot work anyone competent like him. Kenya in this situation is being affected as she is an important stakeholder in the project and will be affected by the results.Conflict resolutionConflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them (Dontigney, n.d). In the given case, as Kenya was hired on my reference so I would ultimately help her in this situation. On the other hand, Jose is also a qualified employer and my good friend, so I would also not bother him through this situation. Solving the situation out of the office would be the most appropriate step in this scenario where I would take a third party role.Jose will be asked about his plans for the plant and the reason for not taking Kenya as the team member. He would be communicated the competencies of Kenya to convince him on the point that Kenya will bring benefits to them rather than any competition. He should also be told that Kenya will work in her defined sphere and will not interfere in any of the matters that are irrelevant to her.On the other hand, Kenya must be communicated the objectives of the project and clarify the sphere in which she has to perform. The roles and responsibilities should be clarified in a way that both Kenya and Jose work in their directions and do not influence each other in any way.ReferenceDontigney, E. (n.d). 5 Conflict Management Strategies. Retrieved from

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