Conflict Resolution

Published: 2021-07-06 06:38:49
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AbstractTeamwork is an important aspect when it comes to accomplishing tasks that have been entrusted to a group of individuals. However, it is not always that teamwork prevails since some members may not be fully willing to work in groups.IntroductionOne of the most common issues in teamwork is usually lack of cooperation. Poor cooperation leads to among other things failure by the team to meet set deadlines and poor working relationships with the team members. This paper shall be digging deeper into lack of cooperation and how it affects the results of the team.Question 1Lack of cooperation in a team is one of the situations that I fear most. The main reason why it is called a team is that every member needs to ensure that they are taking part in helping reach the goal that is ahead (Puck & Pregernig, 2014). Everyone, therefore, has a responsibility to ensure that they are playing the role given to them and involving all the other members for coordination of the events.The scary part about lack of cooperation is that it leads to poor productivity and inability to beat the set deadlines. Once a member of the team appears not to be up to the task and slow in executing their duties, other members become wary of the situation leading to strained relationships. This would mean that the team could no longer work as a single unit since some of the people may appear to be taking advantage of the rest of the people in the team.People seriously taking up the roles entrusted to them is what should be the real change. There should be set guidelines on how the whole process should be undertaken and members made aware of the need to meet deadlines. It is only then that cooperation through dedication can be achieved.Question 2The team leader should take up the challenge to ensure that everyone is working to meet expectations. In this case, the team leader is, therefore, to blame for not standing their ground and not taking necessary actions on the members who appear not to be cooperative and sluggish in their tasks.However, blaming one individual is not advisable in such a situation. It is usually not that easy to man every individual’s performance and progress as we may tend to think. As much as the team leader has to be vigilant in ensuring that the people they are working with are up to the task, they should not be left to deal with group issues solo. Team members have the obligation to ensure that their counterparts are playing their role as per the expectations of the whole team (Luft, 2016). Once an individual lacks to meet the expectations of the group the whole process becomes flawed as much as all the other members are fully cooperating.As a member of the group, blame has to also fall upon me. Taking note of the members who are not playing their role shouldn’t be the only thing. It should be up to me to give them more information on the need to fully cooperate for the greater benefit of the group. Making them realize that they are stalling completion of the task at hand could have helped alleviate the situation.Question 3The situation I’m about to describe was one involving my brother and me where we were supposed to complete a task given to us by our parents only for him not to fully cooperate. The assumption I had is that he took it that being younger than me, he could look upon me to complete the task. This is the same way that non-cooperative members of a team expect the leader to complete some tasks on their behalf. In this situation, I came to realize that team leaders have too much to deal with especially with a team of non-cooperative members. As such, it is not good to put all the blame on the group leader in case some of the members are not cooperative.Question 4Anger has always been my way of responding to conflict. Especially when the blame falls on the other party, the manifestation of anger is accelerated even further. Once conflict happens, I usually don’t want things to get out of hand. Walking away and waiting for the situation to cool is usually my way of dealing with impending conflict.ReferencesPuck, J., & Pregernig, U. (2014). The effect of task conflict and cooperation on performance of teams: Are the results similar for different task types?. European Management Journal, 32(6), 870-878.Luft, J. (2016). Cooperation and competition among employees: Experimental evidence on the role of management control systems. Management Accounting Research, 31, 75-85.

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