Construction of the Los Angeles Stadium

Published: 2021-07-07 01:43:34
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The ongoing construction of the Los Angeles stadium is at Inglewood California at what was formerly known as Hollywood Park Racetrack. The LA stadium will be a retractable roof multipurpose stadium for hosting year-round sports and will be a major entertainment center .the stadium will also serve as the home grounds for Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams which plays in the National Football League (NFL). Upon completion, it is expected to host Major tournaments such as Super Bowl LVI in 2022 and 2028 Summer Olympics , The grand arena sits on 298 acres of land (121 ha) and is expected to accommodate over 70,000 fans.The stadium is jointly owned jointly by the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment and Hollywood Park Land Company. Plans for the construction began back in 2014 when St. Loise Rams bought a 60-acre section of the land, which was also eyed for by NFL, for training grounds and future stadium 2015, Stockbridge Capital shipped in and bucked up the stadium construction plans. The plan was hit by challenges since The Rams had not disclosed the information about the stadium and their relocation plans to NFL. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAD) also had to examine air navigation hazard to the nearby Airport. Approval by the NFL, Inglewood city council, and FAD, saw the $ 4.9 billion construction kick off a year later. The construction is funded privately. The tenants of the stadium are paying a license fee and also making contributions to NFL. The stadium is designed by HKS achitects and managed by Legends Global Planning Company. Walter Moore Engineers Consultant and Henderson Engineers are the structural and service engineers respectively. Turner /AECOM /Hunt JV team was given the contract for the construction.The stadium is now over 50% complete, massive supporting wall and pillars have been built, tonnes of dirt excavated, yards of concrete poured the glassy roof canopy is being constructed and the mega stadium taking its shape. However, the recent news reported that the last year’s wet winter had pushed the completion to the year 2020. The construction generates over 3000 direct and indirect employments for the local residents. It will also create performing arts venue, public parks, commercial space and modern residences. This will also contribute to Inglewood’s budget income.Work citedSaito, Leland. “Urban Development and the Growth with Equity Framework: The National Football League Stadium in Downtown Los Angeles.” Urban Affairs Review (2018): 1078087417751216.Smith, Michael Peter. “Looking for globality in Los Angeles.” Articulating the Global and the Local. Routledge, 2018. 55-71.

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