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Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:35
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Constructivism is an existing theory of learning in psychology and explains how people learn and seek knowledge. Therefore, there is a direct relationship with education (Von Glasersfeld, 2012). This theory suggests that people build knowledge and meaning from experience. Constructivism is not a special teaching method. Piaget’s constructive learning’s theory has had a great influence on educational teaching and teaching methods respectively, which is an important theme of many reform movements. Research supporting constructive teaching methods is diverse, and some studies support other methods that are contradictory to these methods and these findings.In the current study, the author is taking the preparing of lesson as an example from the real life. According to him, to learn a lesson, the first step is dividing the lesson into different parts. After that tell the students that how many parts are there for the lesson. Then tell those steps to the students both by orally and writing on the board to reinforce. After this step set the clear objectives of the lesson. Show the students that how hard this objectives to achieve and this will gives them motivation towards hard work respectively. The teacher must tell students how to do, then show them how to do and then help them how to do this and finally students can do it.Constructivist teaching focuses on sensory materials that many traditional teachers ignore. In the past, students had to attend the conference, take note and check. Some of them are still in the classroom, but teachers are learning, but all senses should be used to participate in the learning process fully. The method of constructivism education has been used in special educational institutions for a while. It is very effective for students with special needs, for example, sensory disorders and people with autism (Duffy & Jonassen, 2013).The biggest drawback is the lack of structure. Some students need a highly organized environment correspondingly. Constructivism requires the teacher to ignore a single curriculum in their favor, or ignore more personalized courses based on what the student already knows. As a result, some students may be late for other students. Another disadvantage is making the students feel frustrated with embarrassment (Fosnot & Perry, 1996). Because they might not have the ability to form relationships and restarts between existing knowledge and knowledge that they are learning on their own. Constructivism can have its place in the training system, but the absolute learning system has several drawbacks. Students can use some built-in structures in the class, but most students need more structure and evaluation for success.ReferencesDuffy, T. M., & Jonassen, D. H. (2013). Constructivism and the technology of instruction: A conversation. Routledge.Fosnot, C. T., & Perry, R. S. (1996). Constructivism: A psychological theory of learning. Constructivism: Theory, Perspectives, and Practice, 2, 8–33.Von Glasersfeld, E. (2012). A constructivist approach to teaching. In Constructivism in education (pp. 21–34). Routledge.

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