Corruption in the Community Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 06:40:09
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Corruption is described as the misuse of power or authority for personal gains. It occurs in almost every ground in the community; though it is educational, political, governmental, media, institutional reforms etc. We get to see its existence in nearly all of the countries and nations. We all are aware of how corruption hurts the public and undermines the government. The extent to which the notion of corruption influences the lives of the common people and becomes a source of an increase in poverty is unswervingly related to the degree of its curse and how prevalent it is in our community. Any country’s development depends upon how much of the valuable resources are wasted in this unethical practice. Countries who do not suffer from corruption particularly on a large scale undergo much development and also does not jeopardize the welfare and benefits of its people.Every individual of the community is responsible for the prevalence of corrupt practices in the society. There are many factors which can be considered as the basis of corruption such as the religious extremism, extreme poverty, deterioration of the economic conditions, etc. We cannot say that only the political people or the owners of large businesses are behind all this since in our community even a normal or average person does corruption on his level for his personal benefits. A grand coalition must be formed in order to stop the menace before it takes away all the prosperity of the nation. Strict rules and regulations must be formed and enacted upon for the betterment of the country, and punishment laws must be strictly obeyed so that no other person can think of breaking the rule or do something that is against the ethical principles. This is the only way a community or a society can prevent all types of corruption.Works Cited“Impact of Corruption on Our Society.” The Nation, 16 Aug. 2011,“What Is Corruption?” What Is Corruption? – Corruptie,, Adam. “Awareness of Corruption in the Community and Public Service: a Victorian Study.” Australian Journal of Public Administration, Wiley/Blackwell (10.1111), 23 June 2014,

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