Cross Culture Reflective Report

Published: 2021-07-06 06:38:20
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Dovidas has effectively introduced the Hydro Generation company that is established in the US and is planning a project in Uganda as well as Africa to build a dam there. Charles Martin is being decided to be sent to Uganda. To finalize the decision.  He is sent on request by vice president of the HG Company, named, James Green. The next member of the group, ROXANA reported the study as a diversity clash issue between HG US and HG Uganda. This class is seen regarding ethnicity and religions. The project can affect the religious group there, Christianity and this will ultimately lead to the defaming of HG Company. He has effectively applied Cox’s Model to address and evaluate the issue of diversity in this project (Cox & Blake, 1991).Cox’s Model describes the HG Headquarter as a monolithic multicultural organisation. Minority members are not openly allowed to join the organisation, and this is affecting the working of the company in the next place. If there are minorities, then these are pressurised, and there is a discrimination against them while working with another member of the company (Belle Rose Ragins, 2007).  All these analyses are made based on the Cox’s Model by ROXANA effectively. The company has an aim to incorporate the minorities into the organisation, but the issue remains the same as there are cultural differences then does not make this decision effective in the long run. There due to this reason, there is a different corporate culture that is not suitable for the project, and if there is an incorporation of minorities in the project as employees, then they must abide by rules  (Boddy, 2014). But according to the model, there is no surety of this (Trompenaars & Woolliams, 2003).Then based upon this scenario, the third member of the group, LUCIAN has provided his recommendations. The issue of the diversity and discrimination with minorities can be handed if there is effective HRM strategy developed. This solution is proposed by  LUCIAN as the HRM-Motivational strategy. All this plan is based upon Adams’s Equity Theory that provides the strategy to improve the motivation level of employees. If in an organisation there are employees that are motivated enough to be work in a company that has cultural differences with them, then issues can be handled with effective negotiations (Weber & Tarba, 2010). When there is fair treatment with monitories also, then these employees get motivated to the extent that adds to the productivity of the company and the same scenario is applicable in this context.Noemi, the other member of a group, has highlighted the issue of leadership style conflict and considered the culture and place as the forces behind the choice of style. Both the leaders involved in the proposal do possess different leadership styles, and this has a huge negative impact on the Hydro Generation project. The one leader is Green that is more towards ethnocentric that has more likeness towards the values and has a view that geographical location does not matter with values and morals. The other leader is Martin that has an inclination more towards polycentric and has a more focus towards Uganda’s culture. He is making the geographical location more important as compared to the values and beliefs of people (Geert H. Hofstede, 2001). This assessment is based upon the Hofstede’s model, and Noemi has made use of this model to critically analyse the whole situation  (French, 2012) Noemi has taken the whole scenario in the context of cultural difference in different countries that lead to this attitude.Moreover, Radica has a focus in this project towards the lack of communication and negotiations issues among different parties involves in the project. To maximise the profits, there is need to discuss this issue as there are people involves in this project and the presence of communication issues,  it will be difficult to make profits from the project and achieve the desired results.BibliographyBelle Rose Ragins, K. E. K., 2007. The Handbook of Mentoring at Work: Theory, Research, and Practice. Boston: SAGE Publications.Boddy, D., 2014. Management: An Introduction. 5th ed. New York: Harlow: Pearson Education.Cox, T. H. & Blake, S., 1991. Managing Cultural Diversity: Implications for Organizational Competitiveness. JSTOR, 5(3), pp. 45-56.French, R., 2012. Cross-cultural Management in Work Organizations. London: CIPD.Geert H. Hofstede, G. H., 2001. Culture’s Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions, and Organizations Across Nations. 2nd ed. London: SAGE.Trompenaars, A. & Woolliams, P., 2003. Business Across Cultures. New York: Henry Stewart Publications.Weber, Y. & Tarba, S. Y., 2010. Human resource practices and performance of mergers and acquisitions in Israel. ELSEVIER, 20(3), pp. 203-211.

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