Culture of Safety Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:18:26
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Benchmarking is a managerial approach used for executing best practices at an outstanding cost in various healthcare firms. The primary concept of benchmarking is figuring out a point of comparison known as a benchmark which is more likely be used for comparison against everything else. The key element of this process is its coordination inside a thorough arrangement of continuous improvement of quality. Conditions required for a valid benchmarking are the careful preparation of the procedure, monitoring of the prominent indicators, the involvement of the staff and inter-organizational visits. Benchmarking has several attributes that set it famous for a healthcare advancement in the industry. In healthcare, it is defined as a continual discipline of examining along with contrasting key results of various tasks with those of the best performers for analyzing overall organizational performance.Effective team works can have an immediate and positive impact on patient’s safety. Members of the effective team know each other well, and they have an inspiring patient-centered purpose. It is evident that organizations where objectives are set and health care teams are effective, patients get a higher level of satisfaction and better quality care. Researchers have concluded that healthcare organizations that provide an environment of health workers working together often offer their patients with safety and lowers medical errors to a great extent. It also reduces issues that lead to burnout. As teamwork is centered on robust communication, patients along with their families feel contended with their reports and treatments and feel satisfied with the quality of care provided to them. The workers of healthcare organization also feel satisfied with their work. There was a study conducted by nurses which deduced that nurses that undergo a long process of successful team building efforts tend to be more satisfied with their work. Hence, effective teamwork contributes a lot towards high-quality care and culture safety of the organization (Hughes, 2008).ReferencesHughes, R. (2008). Patient safety and quality. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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