Death in American Culture

Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:00
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In United States, the official religioni is Chrisitianity and a funeral is made generally when a person dies for most cultural groups and religions. The burial service is hired while the first step is to put thebody of a dead person into a coffin. All the friends and relatives gather around his body during the funeral and a casket is brought to bury his or her body into the ground or a graveyard. The corpse is never displayed after death, it is a tradition in judism, jewism as well. The memorial service include praying for the deceased, readings verses from the Biblel to bless their soul and hymns to make them feel easy in the next world.The family members however can view the body of deceased person for one last time but roman catholic religion discourage that practice. The coffin is closed traditionally and it is not lifted again; then a burial service is hired to construct a tombor a grave in the graveyard or cemetery. The burial service may follow the funeral and a meal is served for the gathering by the will of decendant’s family. The tradionnal memorial services are an important part of the funeral in America that include things like music and religious tunes. The prayers and a brief message of comfort is delivered to the deceased person and their family by the member of clergy who often participates in the funeral.The American culture has adopted and accepted the values and traditions of death and life from many other nations like European countries and Asians. The basics of all traditional funerals are same because the family members of deceased send an orbituary or a message to the people before the rituals start taking place. Another tradition in amrica is to pick up a handful of soil and toss it into the coffin for saying goodbye to the dead person.

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