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Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:25
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IntroductionThe death penalty is a cruel and degrading punishment that is against the violation of human rights. In different countries around the world, many people put into execution. It is sometimes considered same as capital punishment although the penalty is not always followed as execution. Sine 1976, 1472 killings have occurred in the USA. According to death penalty information center publication report, In 2017, the number of performances was 23 in USA (DEATH PENALTY INFORMATION CENTER Facts about the Death Penalty). It’s a very long debate that whether the death penalty should be abolished in USA or not. In this essay, two articles have been provided, one of them supports that it should be repealed while another one argues it should not be. This essay aims to see whether the death penalty is abolished or not.Does death penalty should be abolished in the USA. According to One of the polls conducted in the USA regarding belief in judicial system reveals that 65% people in the USA do not believe in the legal system of USA (Truth in Justice). Taking a man’s life by another man is never right. Most of the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty and uses capital punishment instead.According to (Hans et al., 2017) The death penalty is not compatible with the human dignity and human rights. There have always been cases in which innocent man executed in the USA. Life in prison is a worthy substitute than a death penalty. This shows that society appreciates the meaning of losing a life, both to the victims and to the survivors. However, in some states of America different type of executions used in the past. There are three types of death penalties have been used in the past. Execution by the use of an electric chair, Nebraska still uses this type of performance. Killing with the help of gas chamber, use up to 1999 in Arizona. Execution by hanging used up to 1996 in Delaware (Capital Punishment).According to (Sam Houston State Deterrent Study), In most of the states, the death penalty is considered as the deterrent. One study in Texas examined the impact of the death penalty in the society. Results indicated that execution of criminals was helpful for the people living in Texas as those who were executed because of their performance, 60 people are may be alive today in Texas. However, In 2007, a national poll was conducted on the death penalty in Washington D.C. Poll indicated that people are losing their confidence in the death penalty. Most of the people believed that it is entirely possible that an innocent man may be executed in death penalty which is not ethical and against the human rights. They also do not have full confidence in the fairness of the process. A poll showed that majority of Americans believes that many innocent have been lost in the past because of the death penalty and this should not be continued in the future, though life sentence is an alternative that can be chosen instead of the death penalty (Dieter).Furman vs. Georgia case took place on 17th January 1971. Furman was burglarizing a house where he got caught and when trying to flee lost his balance and fell. The gun in his hands also feels and accidentally triggered and killed one of the residents of the house. The court sentenced him to a death penalty. He appealed to a supreme court of the USA against the fact that it is against the violation of the 14th amendment that he should be executed. The court overturned his death penalty, and since then court legalizes that after thoroughly reviewing the case and its complications, only after that one would be sentenced to the death penalty (Furman Vs. Georgia).From the arguments presented in this essay. It is concluded that death penalty should be abolished in the USA. Although in some states like Texas it is useful and it reduces the chances of murders. But from humanitarian grounds taking a life of a man by another man is against humanity. An eye for an eye, the world will go blind. However, instead of death penalty, the life sentence can be used which ensures that criminals will never retake a life of another man. This is because it has been found evidence that in the past many innocent people in the USA have lost their lives in a death penalty for the crime they never committed.Works Cited“Capital Punishment.” YouTube. N. p., 2018. Web. 4 Apr. 2018.“Furman v. Georgia.” Oyez, 4 Apr. 2018, PENALTY INFORMATION CENTER Facts about the Death Penalty. 2018,, Richard C. “A crisis of confidence: Americans’ doubts about the death penalty.” Against the Death Penalty. Routledge, 2016. 207-224.Hans, Valerie P., et al. “The Death Penalty: Should the Judge or the Jury Decide Who Dies?.” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 12.1 (2015): 70-99.Sam Houston State Deterrent Study. 2010.Truth in Justice.

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