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LITERATURE REVIEWThe reflective method is considered as the one feasible approach when it comes to the paradigm of learning. It is considered as the one effective form of practice which is used to enhance the feature of knowledge. The prospect of the reflective method can be defined as the process of learning which encourage to critically think over different learning practices and adopt the approach best suited to the situation (McIntosh, 2010). The approach of practices can be changed to attain the better results of learning. The overall approach of the reflective method gives the opportunity to critically think about different aspects of learning and develop the technique according to the requirement.Loughran in his research work explains the idea that development of the effective reflective method approach is crucial because it provides the better understanding of the world. It highlights different questions to find out the solutions for the assumptions of different learning parameters (Loughran, 2002). The application of the reflective methods can be immensely helpful for the teachers to enhance their teaching practices. This specific scenario is highlight by Barbara Larrivee. The following study indicates the idea that how efficiently the approach of reflection can be used by the teacher to transfer knowledge to the others effectively (Larrivee, 2000).It is immensely crucial to consider the stage to the application of reflective thinking to gain maximum benefit from the following approach. Janet and Moyles defined it as the journey which comes up with many considerations and experiences (Moyles, 2010). The learner must critically examine different aspects and adopts the most suitable approach to enhance knowledge and deliver it through better perspective. There are some tools which can be used to apply the facet of reflection effectively. Visual techniques are the one facet which can help to successfully adopt the approach of the reflective method and gain maximum benefit from this process.BibliographyLarrivee, B., 2000. Transforming teaching practice: Becoming the critically reflective teacher. Reflective Pract. 1, 293–307.Loughran, J.J., 2002. Effective reflective practice: In search of meaning in learning about teaching. J. Teach. Educ. 53, 33–43.McIntosh, P., 2010. Action Research and Reflective Practice: Creative and Visual Methods to Facilitate Reflection and Learning. Taylor & Francis.Moyles, J., 2010. Thinking About Play: Developing A Reflective Approach: Developing a Reflective Approach. McGraw-Hill Education.

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