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Most people prefer basketball as their favorite outdoor activity. Some have participated in the game since they were young teenagers. They also follow international teams, such as NBA, in their competitions and match fixtures. Some have remained to be big fan of the game despite the fact that they have developed injuries and broken limbs with the worst scenario where some break their spine leading to paralysis of their lower body part. However, the inability to move on their legs have not prevented them from taking part in the game. While strapped on wheelchairs, most people have managed to continually take part in the game against even the healthy people. Most have dream of becoming a coach but are limited by their disabilities. We will assess the ADA policy which can be significant to such individuals.One must be conversant with the ADA policies and rules which are useful and set to be followed. One of the policies is termed as Title I which is mainly concerned with employment. The policy mainly assists individuals with disabilities to enjoy employment opportunities without discrimination. It is applicable where there 15 or more workers. The disabled individuals are offered reasonable accommodation thus a conducive environment (Kozlowski, 1994).The other requirement is referred to as Title II. This protects the disabled from the discriminations by public entities such as the local and state agencies. The ADA act requires that these agencies make their activities, programs and services accessible by persons with disabilities. Another requirement by the policy is known as Title III which is mainly concerned with the public accommodations and services operated by the private entities. Just like Title II, this provision prevents discrimination of the disabled. They give individuals with disabilities access to publicly-owned and managed accommodations such as hotels, fields among others (Kozlowski, 1994).From the above discussion, it is clear that the law has taken into considerations the disabled individuals. This means that one can play, despite injuries and disabilities, can participate in their activities of choice. The immunity and privileges given to them by the ADA policy have protected them from discrimination allowing such individuals to work or play in their areas of interests.ReferencesKozlowski, J. C. (1994). LEAGUE POLICY BANNING COACH IN WHEELCHAIR FROM SIDELINES. NRPA LAW REVIEW JUNE 1994.

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