Does Technology Drive Business?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:30:00
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Whether technology drives business or not is a question which has millions of answers. Technology has changed how business is done and brings efficiency and increase productivity as well. According to Goldstein (15), businesses gather data of their customers, analyzed the data and use the result to improve service delivery.The data gathered are used to determine the process of doing business so that businesses can improve on areas of weakness (Goldstein 10). Technology is like a wheal invention and without technology business cannot gather data and analyze and therefore, in the world of today, no business can be successful without having proper IT infrastructure. And therefore, technology is used to increase productivity, cutting cost, redefining marketing, and for buying and selling products and services and therefore, technology drive business.Technology makes it possible to work from anywhere in the world and deliver a quality result. The invention of mobile devices, high speed internet, video conferencing and computers allows employees to work remotely and meet the expectation of customers. It is affordable to have meetings through video conferencing with other business partners from around the world without having to without leaving the office. It is therefore, allow managers to work around the clock remotely and deliver a good result.Most importantly, technology allows businesses to cut cost and therefore, it increases profit as well. The invention of internet and other devices have made it possible for businesses to outsource certain services and therefore, allow a company to cut the cost of production (Spivey 10). Several companies outsource customer care services, data entry and IT related services and this makes businesses to spend less than when individuals are actually employed to do such jobs at the company.In conclusion, it is technology that drives business because technology is used by businesses to increase productivity, cut cost and also for marketing and brings efficiency in running businesses as well.Works CitedGoldstein, Murray. “How Technology Drives Business.” (2015): 2-25.Spivey, Jeremy. “How Does Technology Really Drive Business Success?” WingSwept (2018): 2-10.

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