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Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:31
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Body Modification (Tattoos)Getting tattoo is not beneficial because of obvious reasons. It affects the health of an individual because these tattoos breach the skin of an individual. This breaching can be harmful regarding skin infections and also any allergic reactions like red or green dyes. The ink gets injected into the skin, but the color pigments in it are designed for printers not for humans. These pigments can lead to various diseases. People also don’t get tattoos because they think that what people would say about it or what might be their reaction. Because in some societies these tattoos are considered as a symbol of evil.Tattoos can be a hurdle in getting a job from an organization. Tattoos are perceived quite differently by different employers and individuals. Many of the organization have placed a strict statement in their company policies. Most of the employers hold a very negative perspective against the body modification by tattoos. Most of all it depends upon the interviewer that how he perceives that whole tattoo thing. Moreover, symbols should not promote racism or hate. People should be offended by any specific tattoos having some meaning that the person having tattoo might not understand.Many religions have different opinion and beliefs about modifying the body by getting tattoos. Christians have a different belief regarding body modification. According to their holy book Bible, some of them think that tattoos are forbidden in their religion because of some of the instruction given there, while others have quite the opposite views. Jewish traditions also prohibited the idea of getting permanent changes in the body. They believed that the body is a gift from the Lord, and one should not tamper with it. As this tempering shows the disrespect towards their lord. Hinduism believed tattoos as a part of their culture. There is no prohibition of having tattoos on the body in their culture. While Islam does have a very strict belief in body modification by tattoos. They believed that getting tattoos can permanently prevent them from being at peace with God.Think before getting tattoosPeople should need to think about certain factors before crafting the tattoos. Once someone crafted tattoos, it remains forever because during crafting the needle being injected deep into the skin, so its mark remains forever. The body has complex processes that keep our skin free from infections. But once the ink injected into the body, the same body allows that ink to live there forever. Anything that one draws on the skin gradually flakes or washed off. But tattoos are crafted inside the skin named dermis, from where that ink never flake off. Tattoos can also become a hurdle in getting a good job due to many strict regulations of Organizations. Many employers think that these tattoos might offend their customers which may result in a reduction of getting orders. So one should think about having tattoos as it might affect their professional life and might reduce their chances of getting hired to some organizations.In a society, tattoos may not be accepted by everyone because of the adverse impact of the tattoos as revised from many articles and being seen through media about the gang sign. Not everyone has positive views about tattoos; some people still get standard discrimination whenever they are in stores or at airports. Also, standard discrimination can be faced because only a few groups of people have tattoos while others don’t have it. So one should think about this discrimination thing properly before crafting the tattoos. At first, the tattoo may give a charm to the appearance, but as time passes and body gets older, these tattoos can become ugly on that old skin.Although everyone wants to look charming, before crafting tattoos remember that when the needle injected deep into the body, it results in a lot of pain and even cause injury. Skin gets stabbed between 1 to 20 needles at a time, over and over again. It gets stabbed almost hundred of thousands of time in a single sitting, so it’s just a lot of pain. As the needle inserted into the top two layers of the skin, there is an obvious risk of health due to a breaking of skin which might lead to the entrance of bacteria causing HIV and Hepatitis B or C. So one should need to consider this factor that their health might effect in a very serious way.Negative Consequences of Body ModificationOne of the drawbacks of the body modification by tattoos is that it remains forever as long as you live. Researchers believe that the ink that is injected deep into the skin will remain there. Because it’s been injected into the deepest layer of the skin named as the dermis. As this layer of the skin being stabbed a million of times, so it leaves a permanent mark on it. It will only be demolished after the decaying of the body. Researchers believe that the immune system cell is involved in helping the body to accept the tattoos. As the time passes, these tattoos start looking imperfect on the older skin. Skin mostly become loose about getting old, so it also affects the size of the tattoo which might expand and give an imperfect view.Tattoos have the unwanted allergic reaction which associated with the ink that is being injected.The ink that is used for crafted tattoos contains several ingredients and chemicals which might be allergic to someone. Substances like ferric hydrate, mercury sulfide, aluminum and iron oxide are few of the ingredients that may be included in the ink. A person has any allergy regarding these substances can be harmful after crafting a tattoo. An allergic reaction may not be sudden, but as the time passes or environment changes some allergens may start to show their effect. Lighter colors like yellows and greens when exposed to sunlight can produce some unfavorable allergies. Apart from the medical background, people who come from conservative backgrounds, these tattoos can be a cause of emotional harassment for them.People having their body being crafted can come to face even strong discrimination from society. As not everyone has tattoos so it’s obvious that standard discrimination can be faced because not everyone has open views of having tattoos. Level of depression can also be increased by getting more tattoos on the body. Women who are breasts cancer survivors and abuse victims mostly craft tattoos. But these tattoos instead of recovering them mentally can cause more emotional and depressive impact on them.ConclusionAs the trend of having a tattoo on body is growing rapidly in young generation mostly by watching their favorite star artists and players. No matter whatever the reason is, before going to have a tattoo on the body an individual must think about its positive and negative impacts. Despite its moral certainty, it had a severe effect on personal health which may lead towards medical complexity. Having tattoos from untrusted parlors can cause untreatable disease which may lead towards death. Besides its moral certainty, it has great impacts on a persons health, social and professional life. One must think its consequences which may influence his or her personality in social, medical, emotional and professional ways.

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