eDocs: The Virtual File Holder

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:40
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The product to be developed is an online document storage and editing portal. The need of service such as eDocs has become essential in times of rapid globalization for real time document management and remote availability of the data. Due to immense digitization of our lives, and hectic professional lives, it has become important to make our documents and information readily available everywhere without the risk of being malicious hacked, misused or lost. Therefore, eDocs will serve its users by becoming remotely available, having variety of compatibility modes, real time editing and sharing of documents, etc.eDocs: The Virtual File HoldereDocs.com provides the most ideal document administration for the Facebook environment. eDocs gives the Facebook clients an extraordinary, adaptable social-productivity experience. They can choose who need to share documents with accomplices, colleagues or workmates from secretly making, editing, and collaborating around documents, the distance to open sharing on the web. They can transfer or begin doc on the web. In this way, they have to have some individual bolster clients edit it, coordinate a response, and after that share it with the world. eDocs can be seen and adjusted straightforwardly inside a web browser, they can edit them all the more completely and emphatically through the Microsoft Office programming on their computers.Fig 1: Logo of the Technology ProductSignificance of eDocseDocs is extremely helpful for teachers and students’ relationship. For school, teachers ought to be utilized eDocs.com. By utilizing it, the relationship between of teachers and students may be produced. Firstly, a teacher who makes a Facebook bunch for her class (as shown in Fig 2). And after that, she can share the project and lessons and appended the format with the project name, a collection of accomplished projects will be made routinely.Fig 2: Explaining sharing MechanismsStudents can address inquiries in uncovered web journal through Facebook comments. In this way, the teacher can answer immediately the students’ inquiries, prerequisites, recommendations worried with projects, comments, and different needs. Students can set up the necessities of project or task and share documents, thoughts, eBooks, assignments with their cohorts or different companions (Fig 3). Along these lines, by utilizing eDocs.com, Facebook clients can get numerous profits for the social environment.Fig 3: Internal Mechanism of Processing & Storing FileseDocs is also compatible for a large variety of file types and conversions that are commonly used by students, professionals, etc. (Fig 4). Compatibility is an important feature of any portable, virtual application. If the application is not compatible with a large variety of file types, its performance and efficiency can be reduced significantly.Fig 4: Explaining Transformation of FilesSolution for Dynamic Personal and Professional RoutinesAudiences would need following features:Accessibility without time, geographic and other constraints: for this feature we have ensured real time storage updates as well as faster file transfer protocols. The aim was to improve the storage capacity and capabilities to share, transfer and transact the offices and the services that can reach past the topographical outskirts. These services enable customers to obtain entrance to their information from Internet-capable gadgets. This standard cloud computing environment licenses CPU, memory and storage assets to be bestowed and utilized by various customers while furthermore offering security benefits. The business and the market has gone worldwide and they have to work in odd hours of the day too. The customers require the servers to be available every minute of every day getting it done modes, hence the cloud computing offers awesome levels of availability of the servers and the reliability of its servers and the services. It is an extraordinary feature of the cloud computing that the availability rate of the servers is entirely high and these servers are exceptionally dependable and reliable. Alongside this, the cloud computing offers exceptionally minutes possibilities of the disappointment of the cloud infrastructure. The possibilities of the disappointment are negligible.Easy to Use: controls and features are kept simple to utilize notwithstanding for beginners.Security of documents: encryption and cryptographic security measures are integrated for the security of documents. In the cryptography, the certificates are issued to counter the security issues, for example, mimic. As such, the certificates are the digital signatures that tie the character of the sender with the public key. This aids in recognizing the owner of the message alongside all the individual subtle elements. The certificates are utilized for the authentication purposes and prerequisites. The real motivation behind the issuance of the certification is to permit the beneficiary to authenticate the owner of the message being gotten. Along these lines, the framework can be secured from the malignant exercises and conceivable intrusion of the hacker.Benefits of utilizing eDocsSecure portability of their documents: Cloud computing gives their clients the ease of access to the better and overhauled services. The cloud computing has an exceptionally designed circulated and additionally shared mode. It empowers numerous users and applications to utilize its platform on the double. The check of users and applications can go into thousands. This mulch sharing is upgraded with better levels of efficiency and to add to its qualities, the cost is diminished drastically by sharing them amongst a commonly turned cloud infrastructure.Ability to share, blog, demonstrate and present the documents in the assortment of forms: One can access the shared resources and documents and also shared applications through cloud computing. This likewise empowers the sharing of select resources on demand of the end users to address their difficulties and provide food their issues to coop with the changing business and financial needs. The right and correct area where these accessed area is lying is mostly kept extremely secret or is kept unknown from the end users. These masses likewise give a user the access to make and share their own application and sources and convey them over the cloud utilizing their platform as the base. This makes the virtualization of the resources that are overseen by the service suppliers and users don’t need to watch out for its maintenance and cost.QualificationsWe have developed, and have started marketing the eDocs as a reliable and secure cloud service for securely sharing documents remotely. Being a group of developers with significant reliance on research and analysis of our products, we ensure quality, performance and security of services being provided.Meanwhile, our eDocs services are premium distributed to 10 medium level corporate organizations as a part of our Beta Testing phase. After implementation of 3 months, we have received positive feedbacks from our users that have shown their satisfaction for the services, We, however, are striving harder to enhance its performance.To learn more about our product please visit [www.edocs.com/docs/] or e-mail us at [email protected]

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