Effects of Civil Right Movement

Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:34
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Civil right movements were the most word wide political aspects that advocated for equality of law during the 1960s (Franklin and Evelyn 18).Generally this political movements have been characterized by large protestes,huge resistance whose purpose was to give a certain change through the nonviolent type of resistance .In many situation they have been followed by the civil unrest and also the armed rebellions by the people .Many of this movements have been widely used in many countries whereby some of them have fully achieved their objectives through this movements ,while others the effort of these movements have tried to improve the rights which were opposed by some groups or individuals at time immemorial (Franklin and Evelyn 27).The principally objective of these movements was to ensure that civil right movements and social civil rights of people in countries were equally controlled by the equality of the law that is the rights of women’s within the society, rights of minorities within the society (Morris 30).Effects of civil right movementThey were;The emphasis on diversityBefore the civil right movements, many countries discriminated immigrants from different parts of the world. Thirty years before 1960s most European governments had initiated quotas that advocated for the immigrant’s .Thereafter in 1965 (Morris 30) the European government formed laws which allowed people of different colors to start entering the nation at equal rates as the whites in the country.Right to voteIn 1870 (Tsutsui and Christine 45-52 ) European countries advocated for the right to vote .however in southern countries racism prevented blacks from voting to the whites. Even in Mexican -American there were the same challenges which prevented people to vote.Later, in 1965 some Act of voting rights were formed .Discrimination started diminishing and as time went on more political parties were formed and they were supported by people hence reducing racism within the countries.Working toward integrationThe need to remove racism in southern society was also a major goal of civil right movement in 1960s.Racism made blacks and white to live in separately; whereby whites were more favored unlike the blacks. Civil rights movement at that (Haines 53) time induced new laws by forming civil rights Acts which said it was unethical to separate a nation by race, color and even the originality.Still an inspirationCivil right movement was indeed an inspiration to many people (Haines 78). For example when blacks were advocating for the equality many people got inspired and they came to realize they highly suffered because of discrimination basically due to their skin color .This formed a symbol and it inspired many people all over.Works citedFranklin, John Hope, and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham. From slavery to freedom. New York: Knopf, 1956.Morris, Aldon D. The origins of the civil rights movement. Simon and Schuster, 1986.Tsutsui, Kiyoteru, and Christine Min Wotipka. “Global civil society and the international human rights movement: Citizen participation in human rights international nongovernmental organizations.” Social Forces 83.2 (2004): 587-620.Haines, Herbert H. “Black radicalization and the funding of civil rights: 1957-1970.” Social Problems 32.1 (1984): 31-43.

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