End-of-Course Reflection

Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:35
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I have always believed that the brave have a clear vision of what they want and go for it amidst strife. I was optimistic and excited when the semester begun. I believed that my pursuit for social justice round the world would simply be successful. I might have expressed my enthusiasm in my first essay that would have been unrealistic, but I am far from that. As the semester went on, my idealism shifted to a more realistic vision only because I knew that my quest would not be without challenges and obstructions. I knew that what awaited me would not be easy. My goal, as I said in the beginning of the semester, was to eradicate fear and as Quigley said that one cannot love others without loving oneself, I knew that I would first have to deal with the fears I had before I started advocating for fairness while eradicating fear.Despite accomplishing many things, my own fear of failure is the one thing I have never been able to deal with or face. Having being taught to shield others from what they dreaded most I never was concerned about anything. My attitude therefore during my entire practice gave me the ability to see loss as something that would propel me to be a better person. This semester I saw things differently because the fear that I had not only gave me more obstacles in terms of my career as a lawyer but also made it difficult for me to clearly ascertain if I wanted to be a lawyer in the long run.I have learnt that it is vital while one is moving forward to take time and reflect where they have come from as we derive rich learning material from looking back. I have been able to gain experience by trying to work as a lawyer in the clinic. It has not been in vain because I have gained lessons that would build me up in my path to becoming one. There is a picture that is put out there that for one to be in a particular job, you have to dress or behave in a certain way, It dawned on me that I do not have to behave in any specific manner whether I am an attorney or human rights advocate to be seen as an accomplished fellow. I am ready to learn from others as well as from my own skills during practice.

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