Ethical Issues in Social Policy

Published: 2021-07-06 06:51:59
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IntroductionEthical issues refer to the situation that entails an individual or organization to decide on between alternatives and these alternatives must be assessed as unethical or ethical. The term ethics and morals are used interchangeably but have different meanings. Ethics is a term used for rules that external source provides to anyone such as codes of conduct in the working environment. Morals talk about a person’ own standards regarding wrong or right. Ethical behaviour the act that causes the positive effects on society overall. A person can contribute to society by adopting a behaviour of responsible consumption and charity. An individual can participate in society by acting behaviour of friendly, caring and loving. There are various ethical dilemmas that society confront with but these ethical issues are virtually difficult to solve. One of the ethical dilemmas relates to abortion. There are many views regarding this controversial problem so it is a challenging task to resolve it. There are two groups that provide different arguments of life and freedom relating to abortion.Medical ethics refers to moral values and principles that physicians should practice in their professional life. Medical ethics involve promoting ethical guidelines and practices as well as averting ethical breaches. It also comprises of medics’ relationship with colleagues, patients, affiliates or related industry. Medical practices should develop such ethical statements that are the best interest of patients. Doctors must regard law, the right of the colleagues, patients and other health professionals. Above all this, a physician must be hone in all professional interactions. These are the same rules that are supposed to follow by Muslim practitioners. Islamic law requires negligence in any code of conduct would lead to going away from the right path. It is a support for health society to give life or happiness to other people.Another issue relates to suicide. There are two arguments relating to this ethical issue. One individual argues that if it can be justified to end his life if he cannot confront with bitter pain. It will be legal or ethical to do attempt for suicide that is aided by medically. Furthermore, a person who cannot survive with this life-threatening ache. Another opinion is that some people are unable to share their sentiments with other people and cannot express their feelings with their loved ones. Then these sad people act like this and do attempt for suicide. They feel frustrated and angry. They commit suicide to cover their actual feelings of failure1. It might be possible this person commits suicide due to the absence of resources. Due to deficiency of resources, some people feel the stress that results in the form of suicide. It is legal for a military person to commit suicide to defend or protect the country.DiscussionAbortion is one of the ethical dilemmas that means to end with pregnancy. It is the issue regarding abortion encompass a continuous battle between life and freedom. There are two groups of people that includes pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-choice people relate this issue to freedom. They think it is not justice to hold the right of the female. It is unethical to take a decision on the behalf of women regarding their own body2. The pro-life individual thinks through the perspective of life. They defend their point of life by saying it is unethical to kill a life. According to some people, Pro-choice people should have the freedom to hold this right. It is a part of woman body and these women should have the right to remove the fetus from their body. If women cannot decide on their own figure then they will be deprived of this right.Pro-life believers consider the right to life is more important to implement than the right to regulate their own body parts. They give arguments that women do not feel liberal due to abortion. But it is shown that society is unable to meet and cater the requirements of women. They argue that women who want equality are not permitted to abortion. But it is given what they want to endure financially as well as socially especially as moms. Furthermore, they argue, the fetus is not a portion of the body like lungs, kidney, and liver. A fetus is a separate individual that remains inside the womb. There are other views regarding abortion apart from the arguments of Pro-life. It is contrary to the feminist code of non-discrimination, non-violence and justice. Another argument relates this issue by considering it a men plot. They consider male get the danger of prenatal period as something that prevents them having sexual characteristics when they need it. If male enjoys the full freedom of sexuality then it is necessary that abortion be liberally accessible to backup contraception.Abortion Act 1967 permits the abortion in Wales, England and Scotland. According to the section 1 of the Abortion Act in Wales, England and Scotland, An individual shall not be embarrassed and ashamed under this act concerning to abortion when a prenatal period is ended by a listed medical practitioner. But the conditions for abortion is as follows. It includes prenatal period has not surpassed the twenty-fourth week as well as it may involve risk to continue the pregnancy period4. Cessation of the prenatal period is essential to stop severe permanent injury to the mental or physical health of pregnant female. There would be a case where there is a greater danger of continuing pregnancy especially to the life of the pregnant woman. There might be a risk if the baby were born to be extremely handicapped. The baby would undergo such mental or physical abnormalities. Most of the doctors suggest that there is always more risky to the bodily welfare of female to continue the prenatal period than taking an attempt at an abortion.It is a state where people are allowed to go for abortion than to continue the pregnancy. Furthermore, there is not required to the opinion of second doctor practitioner if one doctor gives the view in good faith. It is necessary to terminate the pregnancy to save pregnant female from a severe injury to mental or physical health as well as to protect life. It will be less risk to terminate a pregnancy in early period as it will be less traumatic for all complications. The Act of 1967 entails the names of two listed doctor practitioners and all the conditions of the act, the option of doctors will be listed on the form. It is not a legal doctor to personally examine a woman that wants an abortion. In 1981, the law court confirmed that a doctor practitioner does not need to execute every single stage of the whole process. He can collect information and details of the process from team members. Abortion is a process where a doctor practitioner works with the multi-disciplinary team members. A doctor must ensure all the terms and conditions relating to abortion met with the requirements of Abortion Act. There is no law concerning abortion in Northern Ireland3. It is still considered an offence under the Act 1861 that is offences counter to the person. It is a law that considers an offence to get a miscarriage illegally. After a long process, abortion is legal only where it is essential to save the life of the woman. It will be lawful when there is a danger to the mental or physical health of pregnant female and continue the pregnancy may cause a severe hostile impact on the pregnant woman.Regardless of all these laws and regulations, women have the choice to take a decision on abortion. Doctor practitioners can contribute to this issue by counselling her. Otherwise, pregnant woman ha alternative solution regarding this matter. If she feels unhappy about having a baby and does not want to take care of this child then she can think about abortion. A child also needs some extra attention and love of a mother. If the mother is unable to give attention to her baby, then it might be problematic for a child at the end.ConclusionAbortion is legal or lawful if it meets the criteria of Abortion Act in Wales, England and Scotland. In Northern Ireland, it is legal under some conditions. Furthermore, It is unethical to terminate the pregnancy of female if there involves some sort of risk to her mental or physical health. There will be no problem if the medical practitioner recommends executing the process of abortion. From the perspective of the female, she may take the decision on some basis. Maybe she has not time to bring up a baby. Maybe she needs some emotional support to raise the child. Women should enough power to take the decision on the issue of abortion. It might be possible female does not want to take responsibility for a baby. Some females may not be prepared for pregnancy consequently they will decide to go for abortion. Cases for abortion can be minimized by getting aware of young girls. Females must be cautious doing this and must follow safe sex. Otherwise, it is unethical to execute abortion under some laws. Medical practitioners can help out in this situation by providing counselling services to pregnant mother.End NotesReyes, Marc S., et al. “Exploring the link between adolescent anger expression and tendencies for suicide: a brief report.” North American journal of psychology 17.1 (2015): 113.Petchesky, Rosalind P. “Abortion and woman’s choice: the state sexuality and reproductive freedom.” (1984).British Medical Association. The law and ethics of abortion: BMA views. BMA, 1997.Davies, M., English, V., Sheather, J. C., Brannan, S., Campbell, R., & Mussell, R. (2016). Abortion—northern Ireland (ni).

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