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TechFiteIt is a primary requirement in a multicultural environment that all business professionals without any classification must adhere the required ethical standards meeting to their daily business activities. Events observed in the first course of action. Here we have considered a firm which produces high-technology products. Their working environment is conducive regarding potential leadership and its development. The impact of leadership gives an insight of collaborative environment amongst employees. The company feel proud in getting engaged with its active involvement in society and ensures their online presence in communities.Policy-I The policy of leave will be observing the parent companies Federal laws. A 15 days policy of annual leave, kept by the United States, but due to the workaholic nature of many of the Americans take less than the annual leave.Policy-IITechFite might incorporate a leadership program to inculcate the leadership skills in the young individuals alongside motivating them to make a better surrounding environment. This policy includes the firms, and the corporate culture centered new initiatives to fulfill the requirements of the Dellberg city council.Policy-IIIInternships and the volunteer positions need to frequently be advertised so that unemployment issues can be addressed in Dellberg and best quality workers can, as a result, achieved.RationalePolicy-I adheres to the cultural and legal variances amongst the United Kingdom and the United States. Both the states have different cultures and norms regarding the work schedules and the benefits to the employees. This policy entails the financial infrastructure of the company by renewing the daily work routine policy along the annual leave policy.Therefore the policy entails to the community engagement and social presence of TechFite. These different initiatives will make tech Fite’s corporate structure sturdy an d better alongside the various collaborations within the city council.Part-III entails to the political leadership in the vicinity of Dellberg. All such programs provide the significant training to youngsters.Ethical Issue: Ethical concerns pertain to the situations and problems within any community organization that where a choice has to made in between the right(moral) and wrong(unethical). The two biggest ethical issues that a company like TechFite might face are trust and integrity.Legal Issue:The word legal is mostly used in businesses to conform to the regulations and rules as specified in the settled law. A failure to obey such laws causes a person to be up against some legal actions. Therefore legal issues in businesses often occur when companies and firms fail to follow the rules and regulations as stated in the corporate law.TechFite started to prevail in the native and traditional work culture, and to the Federal legislation to raise capital investment and productivity for the various projects. The per week was working hours alongside the policy of annual leave needs revision.The two leading ethical concerns being faced by the employees of TechFite:Lack of funding, resulting in the absence of full-time job benefits to the hourly employees is an ethical concern as the company is not able to fulfill the needs of the employees hence causing employee discomfort.The payment of excessive bonuses to the top executives creates discrepancy amongst the employees at different scales.Commitment fulfillment suffered due to the lack of resources and funds available hence causing a social distress amongst the local youth and in house employees.Ethics offer the purpose of acting as a middleman in between the Dellberg and the TechFite community. The internal working within the company environment and entailing to the work ethics and organizations culture. The standards officers are the senior managers alongside the small executives who deal with the policy suggested and its implementation. The standards officers also deal with the HR to deduce the designed systems and also inspect the ethical elements that tend to prevail in the work culture.Corporate Social Responsibility Lack of mobility, resources, and infrastructure causes problems for the community which falls under the umbrella of social responsibility. SCR ensures that a business falls in line with the ethical standards, international and national norms. Since the company’s branch in Dellberg has not fully formed a functional corporate structure, so most of the policies in the interest of the society are not being adhered.Community Reputationtech Fite’s community reputation started degrading as a result of the in-house conflicts amongst the employees and the administration staff because of the perpetual low wages and no job packages to meet their end day demands.Course of Action 1. Firstly the company needs to follow the policy of annual leave and also cater to the duration of the business week. It tends to increase the magnitude of productivity at work and also reduces the overtime hours that ultimately facilitate company and uplift the financial constraints.2. Secondly, the company must be taking the leadership course initiatives as an integral part of the public domain.3. An essence of real community, better culture at work and self-reliance will be established in the job place.Environmental Concerns in BusinessAny company that steps into a new marketplace faces environmental concerns depending up on the nature of the employees, customers, and stakeholders. As the enterprise’s branch has been opened in a different country, so the character and culture, of employees, differ from the culture of the company itself. Therefore, keeping a focus on such differences and shaping policies makes the employees feel at ease. BibliographyBarsker, J. R. (1993). Tightening the iron cage: Concertive control in self-managing teams. Administrative Science Quarterly, 408–37.Metzger, M. D. (1993). The organization of ethics and the ethics of organizations The case for expanded organizational ethics audits. Business Ethics Quarterly, 27-43.

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