Ethical Issues of Internet communication-Exploitation of Children

Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:07
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The users of the internet are increasing every single day. Besides the advantages that the whole world is deriving from the internet, the challenges regarding legal issues are getting bigger. Online fraudulent activities, copyright issues, legal matters involved in the online alliance. One of the most alarming ethical issues on the internet is the “Exploitation of children”. Unfortunately, some adults of criminal mindset mislead children on the internet without revealing their original identities. This is probably the worst cybercrime. In this regard, many are of the opinion that internet is for adults whereas children/teenagers (below 18) should be away from the internet. However, millions of children and young people are educating themselves through this medium. Therefore, about internet usage, the rights of children are protected according to international law (Greenbaum et al.). Ethical issues arise when some adults misguide children on the internet and when young people under 18 years of age access prohibited content.For this purpose, banning underage students from using internet won’t help the cause instead it’ll have adverse effects on the learning of children. The Internet is a vast online ocean where anonymous people engage in conversation with children which may lead to their exploitation. As a result, young minds fall into a trap which increases the level of risk for other underage children. This legal issue needs to be addressed that how can the children be protected in the massive world of internet where an anonymous person can talk to anyone on the internet. To counter this severe issue, children’s education both at home and at school/college would be instrumental. The guidance by parents and teachers to make youngsters aware of the online threats would help reducing risk. Those who advocate children’s rights to freedom of speech are of the opinion that children’s online must be protected in any case. For youngsters, the internet serves as a learning tool which grooms them. Therefore, it should be made free from criminal activities for them, so that they can enhance their learning abilities freely by positive means.Works CitedGreenbaum, Jordan, James E. Crawford-Jakubiak, and Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. “Child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation: health care needs of victims.” Pediatrics 135.3 (2015): 566-574. 

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