Explaining non-functional System Requirements

Published: 2021-07-06 23:59:08
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One of the most significant non-functional system requirement is data backup and recovery. Data backup is the process of making data copies that can be used to reconstruct the original data structures in case need be. Technically, data copies are made to external memory devices known as back-ups such as hard disk drives or servers. Backups exist in two forms, physical backups, and logical backups. Physical backups entails making copies of physical forms and storing them in a different location from the original files. Logical backups contain logical data that is copied to modern memory devices. Data recovery is the process by which data that has been lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted or made inaccessible. Typically, data recovery is restoring data to a computing machine from the backup.Data can be lost due to some factors. Human error is the primary cause of data loss. For example, according to IT statistics from the U.K data loss by human error accounted for approximately two-thirds of the total reported data loss. The most common forms of human errors that result in data loss include sending data to the wrong recipients and improper deletion of data. Another factor that can result in loss of data is malicious attacks such as hackers, viruses, and worms. These malicious attacks delete data or convert it into an unusable form.It is essential for the CIC hiring system to make use of data backup and recovery techniques. Data operations will be the heart of the CIC hiring system, and it is essential to protect it. Without a proper backup plan, the system runs at risk of permanent data loss. Data loss results in massive loss of time and unnecessary expenses that can be avoided by backing up data. Also once some specific types of data are lost, it is challenging to find it again.Referenceshttp://www.nevo.com/our-knowledge/whitepapers/BuildVsBuy.pdf

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