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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:26
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The advert is expected to have a psychological effect on the market. Since it is an advert that is for more self conscious product, it is likely to cause an emotional trigger of fear.Question 1The Forest: stay focused advert is a very attractive piece that can appeal to the market and while at it sustainable gain their attention through out out the entire advert. This is achieved firstly by the use of very catchy phases for tag lines. This lines have a good unique sound when pronouncing it making it very attractive to whoever is listening to it. Another key way we have managed to stay attractive is by the way it is branded. The advert has tried to select good colors that are very appealing to the eyes this alone can go a long way in passing the intended message of the advertisers to the market. Colors have a way of instantly capturing the attention of and audience and that is how the advert is able to be effective. In terms of getting the attention, the key that was used to solve this is the messaging of the advertisement. The message has to be persuasive. This means that whatever it is it needs to make the people feel better about your product than anybody else. Common sense logic has also been used in the wording and messaging of the advert. If the audience can see the common sense and be challenged to think they are likely to accept and choose the product and service. There also is a aspect of connecting the product that is being advertised to the desires of the audience. People always pay attention to things they like that’s why it very important to show how the product will affect and benefit them.Question 2The advert has been able to portray it message effectively both visually and with the use of sound this has gone a long way in persuading the market to use the product. The video advert that is being used has incorporated the use of very attractive colors that stand out. Moreover, the advert has used subtitles that are accompanies by the narrator reading the text itself. This in itself makes the advert very simple and easy for the audience to understand and capture the message that is being conveyed to them. The use of beautiful graphics has also made the advert a lot more interesting and this way it us able to sustain the attention of the audience to convey the full message of the advertiser. Sound has also played a vital role. This is through the choice of very good melody for the background music. The back ground music is part of the attractiveness of the advert and it also is a way of reaching even those who are not paying attention watching they can hear the advert without necessarily looking at it. This way, even visually impaired can also get the message too.Question 3The Forest: stay focused advert has used very simple and explanative messaging. This is in a bid to play against any pre-conceived notions that may have created a negative attitude towards the product. This way the attitude that an audience will have towards it is positive and this is how they will be able to accept the product and use it.According to Marshal McLuhan  theory of the mediation of reality, is properly explain how and advert id effective when paired with other forms of media and the environment as a whole. This theory is indeed effective and is able to change the mind of the audience because they can readily understand the message of the advert from their environment as well as the messages they are familiar with in other forms of media consumed.ReferencesKimmel, A. (2013). Psychological foundations of marketing. New York, NY: Routledge.Scott, D. (2010). The new rules of marketing and PR. Hoboken, N.J.: J. Wiley & Sons.Cateora, P., Gilly, M., Graham, J., & Money, R. (2016). International marketing. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2012). Marketing management. Boston [Mass.]: Pearson.Nyilasy, G., & Reid, L. (2009). Agency Practitioner Theories of How Advertising Works. Journal Of Advertising, 38(3), 81-96.

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