Gold Rush and Mining in California

Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:34
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People settlement was influenced by the gold rush and mining in California. People other parts of American borrowed money so that they can start a journey to California. In this case, there was an increase of settlement within California gold mine area. Many people left their families and rushed for the opportunity in California (Holliday & James 5-6). Many people traveled over the mountains and through the sea to California. There was an increase in population in California to about 100,000 people as compared to 20,000 which was before the gold mine. People settled in a dense manner in mining camps.California became more industrialized in by the year 1852. The fact that many people accumulated within the region, there was lawless and violence among other virtues such as slavery. It led to the quick formation of the government body that will be given guidelines to the new population in the region. Senator Kentucky compromised in the year 1850 to enter into Free State. There were territories formed such as New Mexico (Hyink & David 56). Gold rush led to the development of new government which could lead new population within California.Gold rush transformed California in the year 1849 to 1855 to a great place. It became the largest immigrant in the history of USA. It led to the development of both towns in California and great prosperity than before. The economic state California grew leading to the development of other facilities such as banks, churches, and railroads.Following the gold rush in California, in the year 1842, there was another discovery of small deposits of gold in San Francisco near mission San Feliciano. There was the chaotic social climate in San Francisco due to growing population in the year 1850. In the city of San Francisco, there was extending of the streets Divisadero and Castro Street (McGuinness, 7). In the case of lawlessness, the California government divided the country into San Francisco County.The gold rush had its impacts on tension section due to the fact that, there was the growth of population from different parts of American. It led to slavery in gold mining areas, crime issues. There was racism raised in the sense that different people accumulated in the same place for gold miners. It is the time when much of the violence started following the fact that there was much competition in a gold mine and therefore this brought a lot of tension in California.Works citedHolliday, James S. The world rushed in: The California gold rush experience. University of Oklahoma Press, 2015. 5-87Hyink, and David Provost. Politics and government in California. Routledge, 2016. 34-98McGuinness, Aims. Path of empire: Panama and the California gold rush. Cornell University Press, 2016.7-24

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