Gun Control in America

Published: 2021-07-06 23:10:04
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IntroductionThere are so many gun control laws that are trying to minimize the violent shootings that occur. Most of the rules are associated with restricting the use of guns that are not American made. Government is trying to take the weapons possessed by the people of America because people who are using those guns are entirely insane and brutal. It has been found in the studies that most of the criminals involved in carrying out these activities don’t have a legal weapon. It is either stolen or illegal. However, if the government takes out these guns and eliminate the rights that those criminals have then it will cause a high amount of outrage. By asking the firearms from the Americans, it will create a lot more problems that we are facing right now.According to the data available on the American database, Each year more than 3,000 people killed in the USA by firearms. Most of these killings are carried out with the help of handgun. Homicide is the second most prominent cause of death among 15 to 24 years old. It has been explained in several articles that most of the reasons associated with the cause of death are based on the influential part of video games and mental illness. Video games are considered as one of the most significant causes of gun violence. Now a day’s children are more prone to violence because of violent movies and video games. In today’s era, both parents work, and they don’t have enough time to let their children understand the main difference between what’s wrong and what’s right. It is highly likely for the people to harm other people when they don’t know who they are hurting. If harmful people get more punishment, then it is highly likely that they will never commit such crimes again and this will keep bad people off the streets.Social StratificationSocial stratification is another phenomenon that relates to the gun control. According to this, those people who are in the lower economic strata of society feel threatened, and there are high chances that they will oppose any forms made in the gun control.SocializationWith the help of media and entertainment, socialization has become one of the critiques of American society. Use of guns in mass shootings, which are seen often prevailing in the community, explained concerning gap between possible and practical levels of achievement in the country.American DreamThe American dream is a belief of all Americans they have equal chances to achieve success. In gun control in America, there is a specific level of frustration when this dream cannot be achieved. This will lead to violence. However, most of the sociologists see this as a central need for gun control.Cultural ScriptsThe rise of gun crimes in America is due to of cultural scripts. These are values and norms in the popular culture that is greatly promoted in the media and possibly socialize the acceptance of violence.Conflict theoryConflict theory is also related to gun control. The theory explains the eternal conflict between workers and the owner s of means of production. Concerning this theoretical approach, one of the possible purposes of the gun control problem in America lies in the understanding of the active forces and departments that exist in an individual and society as well.Symbolic Interaction theoryAccording to symbolic interaction theory, the significance of guns to some of the gun owners is the affirmation of equality and individualism. Equality and individualism are American values as well. Most of the gun owners think that it is the way of showing patriotism to their country by having ownership of a gun. The symbolic role of a weapon in the American culture is in some respects seemed to be out of the step of American Culture.Structural functionalismThe theory is a sociological view of society that is made up of interrelated parts. With the help of structural-functionalist approach, guns can either help order and stability in the community by being always available for protection. However, weapons can also hinder order and stability by causing violence. According to the theory, there might be any one of these cases can be in gun control.Social interaction theoryAccording to this theory, one views the society as a product of everyday social interactions of people. Concerning gun control, the person reacts to things according to how much they mean to their lives. If an individual’s response is against gun control, then there must be something terrible happened in their past which makes them not to support gun control.FeminismAs long as feminists are concerned it depends upon circumstances and situations that change their reactions all the time. There would be feminists in America, who wants to bear gun to protect themselves from those who want to do bad things with them which they do not wish to. In other circumstances, women hate violence, feminists who support wants to keep themselves protected and safe all the time.Culture shockThose who are law-abiding gun owner uses the gun in the first place whenever they encounter any situation that is not in their control. For instance, what would a person do to the kids who are listening to loud music. One would kill them. This is one of the stories where people become upset, emotional and foolish and uses the firearm before they use their common sense. A study revealed that so many people were shot to death by the law-abiding gun owner. For most of the Americans in rural areas, they think having a gun is essential for their liberty.LawRecent amendments to the laws of using firearm have impacted profoundly on the lives of the people. Those who are in support of the law says that it is necessary for them to carry a gun for their as well as their family’s safety. However, studies in the past show that people who are the most owners of the weapons are the ones who are mostly involved in killing another person.PowerHaving a firearm around yourself somehow makes you feel powerful. Critics of gun control believe the fact that firearm is for their protection against cruelties and violence. One should use the gun to protect himself. However other believes that firearms that are not made by Americans should be banned and should not be used. This will reduce down the ownership and ultimately result in control of firearms.Anomie:Anomie is more related to the strain theory that explains that it is a state where people feel disconnected from the society because of unavailability of resources form the government or from the institution to achieve their goals. Regarding gun control, people who are mostly involved in such crimes are the one who did not found any job and ended up becoming a criminal so that they can earn more money to feed their family.BeliefBelief is a specific idea that people feel to be true. In case of gun control, people think the people behind these crimes are the ones who enjoy doing such crimes, without considering the story behind the crime. It is highly likely that a person who committed a crime needed money to secure his or her family survival.CrimeCrime is a sociological term that explains the violation of written law. The uses of guns in the shooting in America are mostly illegal guns or stolen guns. The government has restricted the use of firearms that are not owned by the Americans. This unlawful use of weapons and shootings makes it a crime.DeviantGun control can consider deviant concerning the fact that it is against the law to carry a firearm without having a license. However, from another perspective, asking people strictly to surrender their guns are also considered to be deviant as it is making people do something that they do not want to do.Mass MediaThe second amendment in eth constitution of USA provided right to Americans to carry or possess the firearm. The role of American media is one-sided, and it only occurs whenever mass shootings are done in the country. Before such events, no one on media talks about gun control instead focuses on other issues that may be are not crucial for the public.Labeling theoryThe theory explains the claim that deviance is the one that is labeled. Conformists create the label and most prominently applies to weak groups like mentally ill, murderers and rapists.GovernmentGovernment is the body that makes up the rules and regulations. The second amendment to the laws of the firearm and is clear that Americans can possess the gun only those firearms that are made by the Americans, not of others. The primary motive behind doing that is to create a balance in firearms use.Gender RoleMost of the females in America do not support the use of firearms however men on other hands recommend the use of weapons. Men make a claim based on the fact that one should have a protection tool for himself by which he can save his family if someone tries to do bad to them.

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