Gun Control Laws

Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:20
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It is constitutionally acknowledged that an individual in the United States has a right to own a gun which is under the second amendment of the constitution. This was incepted I the year the 1930s following the gangster events arising that was rampant in the 18th century and seventeenth century. Hence gun laws were introduced with the passing of bills in the Congress that addressed the issue of control of firearms. Thus in the year 1934, an act was passed that addressed the issue of a firearm that illustrated those who own the firearms should be registered and taxed. Hence registering of the guns will help in tracking down the owner of the firearm in case a bad situation arises such as theft and robbery with violence and a firearm was used in the process it will be easier to track down the perpetrators. There has been an increasing misunderstanding on the issue of gun control whereby those who own guns should have a background check done by the law enforcement officials to ensure the security of the people of the nation.Gun control issue in the United States can be controlled if and only if they the citizens of the nation who want to purchase a gun are done background checks by the law enforcement official. This is to ensure that they understand the people that are given this firearm and if they have questionable crimes that they have committed in their lifetime they should not be entrusted with firearms. This is one of the strategies that might be adopted to ensure that the safety of the individual is ensured. Hence the adoption of gone is embraced using this strategy but it prohibits those with questionable crime issues. The basis of the second amendment allows an individual to use the gun for his own protection in case he or she is in a critical situation such as robbery or murder it can be used for his own protection.Gun circulations can be reduced and this can be implemented through striking exorbitant prices for the ammunition as well as high taxes that are charged on the gun owners. This will assist in the regulation of guns since very few individuals will own guns this is because of they will be expensive to buy and maintain hence it will scare off and hence reduce gun circulation in the nation. The advantage of this strategy it will reduce killings in the state and also assist in the control of violence that involves the use of firearms. The demerit will be that the chances of individuals protecting themselves using firearms will be less and hence they will be vulnerable in front of the criminals (Codrea).The ban on gun ownership can be enshrined in the constitution this will assist in the reduction of violence. In instituting this in the law the citizens must be instilled with the mindset that they should not defend themselves in case of attack. This is a strategy that in the long run will reduce violence in the country though if the citizen is to face violence they are left vulnerable to the criminals. The rate of violence when adopting this strategy will be low as compared to the law where every individual has the right to own a gun as enshrined in the constitution. The best example is the state of Maryland where almost every homestead owns a firearm. Cases of violence in the area have been reported to be high than any other area this is because the superintendent has just issued the license of the guns to celebrities and the politicians of the region (Brunner).Education of firearms safety and regulation of purchase of arm is another vital strategy in the control of guns. Hence if the Nation has adopted the second amendment then this strategy should be adopted for the safety of the citizens of the country. Since there has been arising in the school violence whereby kids steal guns and they become a victim of violence. Hence education of how to use and keep firearms is very important since it will assist in the reduction of school violence related to the use of firearms. In the long run, adopting this strategy will also facilitate that citizens have the rights to own firearms and protect themselves (Allen).Age limit, when instituted as a strategy, will be reasonable since it will prohibit children from using firearms and at the same time help in the reduction of school violence that is related to usage of firearms. Hence age limit should be there for citizens who are legible to purchase and use guns. The minimum age of ownership of guns should be between ages eighteen and twenty-one year old. Hence those are below the state age required will not be eligible to purchase and use and if violated they will be a penalty that will be inducted. Age limit strategy is a well-orchestrated strategy since it is believed those who have attained this minimum age are able to think critically and rationally on how to use the firearm (Brunner).Strict regulations and laws will also assist in the reduction of gun ownership in the nation. Hence when there is a reduction in ownership of firearms it will result in a reduction of crime and violence that are related to usage of firearms. Hence in the United States, more than twenty-five percent of the population own guns. The reason is the law is enshrined in the constitution that citizens have the right to purchase and own a firearm for their own protection. Hence when strict rules are administered in the ownership of the firearms it will assist in the regulation of crime incidents and violence in the nation (Moorhouse).To conclude adoption of gun control laws and strategy will help in the reduction of violence in the nation. Hence strategies such as background checks, age limit in ownership of firearms, registration of guns and strict regulations in gun ownership will help in the reduction of violence. When these strategies are adopted it will assist in the reduction of violence in the country since there have been cases of deaths daily that are linked to usage of a gun in the United States of America.Hence in comparison to other countries when these strategies are enshrined in the second amendment, it will lead to confiscation of guns. Hence this also will help to reduce cases of violence that is related to the usage of firearms. It is also suggested that if every citizen owns a gun as enshrined in the constitution to be a right for every citizen. In the long run of ownership of the guns by every citizen, it will lead to anarchy. This is when every citizen in the country has an upper hand when it comes to the rule of survival, each citizen can protect his or her own self without the help of anyone since he has the firearm at his or her disposal.Works CitedAllen, J. “Linking spiritually and violence prevention in school counseling.” professional school counseling (2004): 1-17.Brunner, J. “How to assess and respond to student threats.” Principal leadership (2006): 9-13.Codrea, D. “Look who is demanding Gun Control.” Guns Magazine (2005): 7-15.Malcolm, J.L. “Gun Control law help to control youth homicides.” Deseret News (2007): 11-13.Moorhouse, J. “Gun control laws do not reduce gun violence .” Gun Control (2007): 112-116.

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