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Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:48
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Health InterventionIn United States so many chronic diseases are common, such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, and mental disorder. Now it has become essential to make few strong steps to help the population of United States. For this purpose, I have decided to help the nation of United States in order to fight against their chronic diseases. In this study, the focus of discussion is Diabetes which has become a most common disease in United States. This disease is not only common in aged population of United States but also is a increasing in adults and younger. There are several causes of this disease. It is a genetic disease and is also causes by obesity, stress, and unhealthy living style. This disease has now become a problem for United States because it has become a leading cause of death.In this study, I want to discuss the methods by which this great health problem, diabetes, can be overcome. For this purpose I will introduce a vaccination and guidance plan by which the diabetic patients will be able to control their diabetes and the healthy people will become aware about how to do preventions against diabetes. With the help of this vaccination and guidance plan the people will get aware of the causes of diabetes and will try their best to adopt the healthy activities which will help them to stay safe from diabetes. This vaccination program will be started all over the United States and for this purpose different teams will be sent to the different parts of United States which will complete their vaccination program within six months. Once the vaccination program will be completed then the teams will organize guidance program via which they will guide the people to adopt healthy lifestyle and to take proper prevention techniques in order to remain safe from diabetes and other such diseases.Introduction of DiseaseThis health plan of the chronic disease is about the Diabetes which is a very complex disease. Diabetes is not only common in the United States but also has become a problem disease all over the World. There is the wide variety of causes of diabetes. However, the major cause is the pancreas disorder. In the human body, Pancreas is responsible for maintaining the sugar level of the human body. It produces insulin which absorbs the sugar of the human body and then converts this absorbed sugar into any form of energy which makes the human able to perform their tasks in an active and energetic way. However, in the case of any issue with the pancreas, it stops producing insulin and this results in the increase in sugar level of the body. When the insulin level is less in the body, then the sugar will not absorb into the blood properly and so will not produce energy to the human body and will affect human health badly. This disorder of pancreas causes diabetes. To deal with this disease, the patients are recommended to using medicines or synthetic insulin to reduce the sugar level in human blood. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 disease is caused due to the destruction of pancreatic B cells which produces the hormone insulin. Type 2 disease is caused by the multiple factors, such as insulin resistance, genetic susceptibility, physical inactivity, and obesity. The scientists are working hard to invent the proper treatment of diabetes for the patients who want to get rid of this chronic disease.Overview of Selected PopulationAs discussed above, diabetes has become the major issue for the population of United Stated and has also become the leading death cause. This study will provide a proper intervention plan for the prevention of diabetes but before starting any intervention plan it is essential to have a look at the lifestyle of the population of United States. The overview of the population is very important because sometimes the lifestyle of the community or the selected population become the major cause of the disease. That is why before starting any intervention plan it is essential to understand the actual reason of the disease.When we analyze the statistical data then it is found that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in United States and approx 1.4 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, either type I or type II, every year. It is also found that the ratio of diabetes patients is more in middle-aged population as compare to the aged population or younger. However it is also found that approx 26% of the older population of United States is having diabetes . Also, it is found that diabetes type 2 is most common in the older population of the United States. According to the records of Center for Disease Control of America, 1 among the two adults is having diabetes type 2. This proves that diabetes is not only issue for the older population but also a problem for the adults and younger (American Diabetes Association, 2012). Also, it is found that the ratio of diabetes patients is more in the some specific communities rather than all Americans. According to the records non-Hispanic, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Chinese, Native Americans, Asian Indians, and Filipinos are having more ratio of diabetic patients. Approx 13.2% of non-Hispanic and 12.8% of Hispanics are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.This study is about the prevention of diabetes and the selected population is United States, and that is why the study will firstly analyze the major issues in the lifestyle of the population of United States which can be the leading cause of increasing diabetes. When analyzing the lifestyle of any population then few things should be under consideration, such as how do they eat, what do they eat, what are the sleeping times of the population, what about the diet plan of the population, are they having healthy diet on right time or not, are they having any physical activity or not, what are the mental conditions of the people, what about the supportive behavior of the family with each other, and what are the concerns of people towards health issues. These all questions will help to examine that what can be the major cause of diabetes because diabetes may be caused by obesity which is either due to unhealthy die plan or due to lack of physical activities. The diabetes can be due to genetic transformation of disease then it should be evaluated that how people are having preventive methods and how do they control their diabetes level?When having overview of the United States population then it is found that most of the population of the United States in indulged in drugs activities. The adults of the United States are addicted of smoking and other drug activities. Due to these drug activities the population of United States becomes unable to continue their physical activities which cause obesity, and it is found that obesity is the leading cause of the diabetes. Also, the population of United States does not take meal at proper times which also cause the obesity. Lack of physical activities also causes obesity and diabetes. Now to overcome the issues of diabetes it is essential to firstly guide the people of United States about healthy lifestyle. Once the lifestyle will be healthier then the preventive measures against diabetes will become easier.To discuss any chronic disease, it is very important to analyze the lifestyle of the people firstly. When analyzing the lifestyle of the Americans then many factors contribute to being the cause of diabetes. Especially the type 2 diabetes is so much common in America for which the genetic and lifestyle play a very important role. Most of the people of America are indulged in smoking, drinking and other drugs taking activities which not only cause the increase in the blood pressure of the people but also causes obesity. This obesity is the major cause of diabetes. Especially smoking is the major cause of insulin resistance in the human body, and 20-30% smokers are diagnosed with diabetes due to their smoking habit.However, diabetes is also caused by the genetic, so if someone is having diabetes in the family history, then there are more chances that he will have diabetes. The other cause of this common disease is the less physical activities. The people of America also do not take part in the physical activities due to which they gain their weight. Overweight is also a major cause of resistance in insulin production of the human body which causes diabetes. However, to protect from diabetes, an individual must take part in proper physical activities by which the sugar level of the individual’s body will remain normal and must not take any drugs which cause obesity. Stress is everywhere and so the Americans are also facing stress and anxiety issues due to family issues, financial issues, or other personal tensions. These tensions, stress, and anxiety also play a critical role in causing diabetes. When the individual gets too much stressed, then this causes the disturbance in the sugar level of human body, and so it causes diabetes. In short drugs, obesity, less physical activities, family history, age, stress, anxiety, and overweight are the major cause of diabetes.Diabetes is a dangerous disease, and its prevention is very important otherwise it may cause cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, Neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney failure, and Retinopathy. For this prevention, a proper health care staff is required who must be able to check the glucose level of the diabetes patient and to suggest the medicines or insulate dosage according to the requirement of the body. The health care staff will firstly analyze that either the diabetes is of type 1 or type 2 and then the staff will not only advise the medication according to the glucose level of the patient but also will be responsible for the diet plan of the sugar patient. When the person is diagnosed with sugar, then he/she cannot take any food which is having excess calories or sugar. That is why the health care staff or the dietitian will suggest a proper diet plan to the diabetic patient according to which the patient will take measured calories per day and will not take any food like date, milkshake, sugar cake, or any other food which contains sugar in it (Joanne Gallivan, 2008). The Government of United States spends billions of dollars for the treatment of diabetes and the supply of the medicines for diabetes. According to the estimates, approx $40 million per year are required for the diabetes treatment and prevention in one state (America, 2011).From this study, it is concluded that diabetes is the chronic disease which is caused due to the high glucose level in human blood, smoking habit, family history, overweight, obesity, and pancreas disorder. This can be only prevented by proper diet plan, artificial insulin, and proper medicines which reduce glucose level in human blood. This is the most common disease of United States for which the state is spending billions of dollars per year.Work CitedAmerica, S. o. ( 2011). DIABETES IN STATE BUDGETS: A 50-STATE SURVEY FOR The fiscal year 2011. National Conference of State Legislation.Association., A. D. (2011). Standards of medical care in diabetes—2011. Diabetes Care34.Joanne Gallivan. (2008). The National Diabetes Education Program Evaluation Framework: How to Design an Evaluation of a Multifaceted Public Health Education Program. National Institute of Health.Rodolfo, V. (2007). Family History and Prevalence of Diabetes in the U.S. Population, American Diabetes Association.

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