History and purpose of OSHA

Published: 2021-07-07 00:18:42
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The “Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)” is the agency of the “United State in the Department of Labor” that was established by the “William Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act)” in the year 1970. The Act took the effects of its action in 1971. OSHA has a lot of training, compliance assistance and also health and safety recognition programs which are essential in its history (Martin, William, & James, 2001). In 1972 it established OSHA Training Institute which aims at training the government and the private sector personnel on the health and safety measures. It also established the grant-making program called “Susan Harwood Training Grant Program” that trains employers so that they can reduce workplace hazards.The mission and purpose of establishing OSHA are to ensure that each working woman and man in the whole country have been employed under safe and healthy working conditions. Almost every employed person in the United States of America comes under the jurisdiction of OSHA. The only people who are exempted are the self-employed people, the employees of the public, the people working in the mining and also in the transportation sector since they are covered by the other different agencies. Therefore, any private employer in the United States of America should be conversant with the rules and regulation of OSHA. Since OSHA is one of the administrative agency in the “United States Department of Labor,” its working criteria is being administered by the assistant secretary of labor.OSHA standardsOSHA seeks to create a safe and healthy workplace through making and enforcement of regulations known as standards that are in OSH Act. The standards established by OSHA are published by the “Code of Federal Regulation.” The three different type of the regulations includes temporary emergency, interim and the permanent. The interim standards were published just two years after the passing of OSHA act. Therefore OSHA was allowed to make use of the standards that are recognized nationally in the standard setting organizations like that of the professional engineering groups.The temporary emergency standards last for either six months or less and are hence designed to offer protection to the workers at the moment OSHA is undergoing the processes that are required by the law to develop the permanent standards. For the case of the permanent standards, they are made in the same processes like that of the regulations made by the other federal administrative agencies. At the moment OSHA is drafting the proposal for the permanent standards, it consults with the representatives in the industries and also labors so that they can collect the scientific, engineering and medical data that is necessary for ensuring that standards adequately make a reflection of the workplace realities. Then the proposed standards are then printed in Federal Register. Most of the permanent standards in the OSHA Act originates from the National Consensus Standards that were developed by the private professional organization like the “American National Standards Institute” and the “National Fire Protection Association.”The implementation of the OSHA standards in the workplaces is done through the following aspects. The employees have the right to get better information and training in the layman’s terms regarding the hazards in the workplace and the ways of avoiding harm in the job as per OSHA standards. The employees should also obtain and review documentation that relates to the injuries and illness on the job site. The workers should also confidently pose complains about the OSHA agency for proper inspection. The employees should get the copies of the tests that have been done regarding the measurement of the workplace hazards like the chemicals etc. There should be no discrimination regarding the inquiries/ complaint relating to the OSHA.Consequences of violation of OSHA’s standardsThe Tyson Food Inc. is considered by the “United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration” to have violated the four workplace safety standards in the Hitchinson manufacturing plant after one of its worker’s hand was cut off by the unprotected conveyor belt. The removal of the conveyor guards and failing to train the workers concerning the proper layout procedures does not have any excuse (Scott & Rhonda, 2017). Therefore, the Tyson Food Inc. has failed to provide safety procedures hence demonstrating that there are poor commitments to the workplace health and safety leading to serious injuries in the company.The employment companies that find themselves in violation of the OSHA standards are required to pay the violation fees, imprisonment, and many others. The willful violation is where the employer knows the OSHA standards but fails to comply with these legal requirements or even heeds with lack of concern for employees safety. The penalty for this violation is $5000 for every violation. For the serious violation where the results are workplace dangers which could cause illness or accidents, and the results are death or physical harm, the employer is subjected to the penalty of $7000 for every violation (trentcotney.com, 2018). This penalty is same as “other than serious violation” where the violation is directly correlated to the work health and safety, but it isn’t severe. The repeated violation of where the standard is violated again after the original charge. This violation is charged $70000 for every violation. The failure adheres to the penalty before the OSHA violation may lead to a fine of $7000 per day.ConclusionIn summary, OSHA is the agency of the United States in the Department of Labor that was established by the “William Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act)” in the year 1970. Its purpose is to ensure that each working woman and man in the whole country have been employed under safe and healthy working conditions. OSHA has three different type of standards which include temporary emergency, interim and the permanent. The violation of these standards leads to imprisonment or even payment of violation penalty.BibliographyMartin, William, & James, W. (2001). Safety and Health Essentials. OSHA Compliance for Small Businesses.Scott, A., & Rhonda, B. (2017, January 20). OSHA News Release- Region 7. Retrieved from osha.gov: https://www.osha.gov/news/newsreleases/region7/12172013trentcotney.com. (2018, January). The Consequences Of Non-Compliance With OSHA Standards. Retrieved from trentcotney.com: http://trentcotney.com/construction/the-consequences-of-non-compliance-with-osha-standards/

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