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Published: 2021-07-06 06:24:16
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The hotel industry has witnessed dynamic growth, job creation thus boosting opportunities for economic and community development. AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association) of the recent years has spearheaded and enhanced advocacy agenda of the hotel at the national level. AH LA established its grassroots through partnership, comprehensive strategies of active membership and tactical undertaking of its operations. The hotel continues to create awareness on the impact of the hotel to the community and country’s economy. It promotes policies which facilitate the ability of the hotel industry to grow, build careers and hospitality leaders in the next generation. Some of the best hotel companies in the world include Choice Hotels International, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, Marriot International, Hilton Worldwide Holdings and international Hotel Group. Forbes Travel Guide has experts who inspect the property test against rigorous standards and has the highest ratings (Beldona et al., 2015). The services provided are of high quality, all the meals are inspected, food are beautifully presented, plated and has luxurious elements. Forbes Travel Guide is a global authority, it provides luxury travel. It examines both facility and service and the Star Rating System gives emphasizes on quality services of the spa, restaurant, and hotel.According to statistics of the previous years, the occupancy, sales and property numbers of AH LA have increased. The association has embraced e-commerce where bookings have adopted the online strategy. Online channels are used to address most of the issues where the association incorporates all types of technologies to achieve desirable customer results. It uses social networking platforms, internet, and cloud computing and other digital communication models to reach the customers and enhance the relationship with the customers. The association has secured more digital marketplace, educates the consumers and ensures the experience with the client is overwhelming.Through good relationship and customer satisfaction, the association has expanded, increased its sales, created more job opportunities and enhanced community development. Similarly, over the recent years, the hotel industry receives customer form local, national and international levels. Some of them are tourists and researchers. It provides tasty food, attention through phone calls, clean and comfortable facility, adequate security and internet (Chen, 2015). The top hotel companies worldwide include Hilton Worldwide Holdings which has brands of hotels, resorts, Canopy, Curio-A Collection and Homewood Suites. Choice Hotel International that has brands such as Comfort Inn, Clarion, Rodeway Inn, Econo Lodge, Ascend Hotel and Suburban Extended Stay. The brands Wyndham Worldwide Corporation include Wyndham Garden Hotels, Baymont Inn, Microtel, Super 8, Day Inn and Hawthorn Suites. Marriott International has the following brands TownePlace Suites, Moxy Hotels, Residence Inn, and Courtyard. InterContinental Hotel Group has brands such as Holiday Inn, Kimpton Hotels, Crowne Plaza, and Candlewood Suites.Furthermore, Forbes Travel Guide uses the customer services provided to rate the hotel. The experience of the customer as well as the relationship of the client is very crucial in assessing the hotels. The reception of the customer should be 24 hours, Onsite restaurant, Room service operating for 24- hours and services for dry cleaning. It also uses 800 standards which are on the checklist to evaluate hotels. Most of its algorithm is based on customer service. It also uses distinctive drinks, the type, and beauty of beds, services of Top-notch, Genuine interest, exceeding expectations and helpful housekeeping (Ryu et al., 2018). Similarly, the criteria are rigid because most of the ratings are based on customer services. The emphases on customer services make the hotel to forget about other elements such as employees which are the crucial part of the organization. Managers will have a hard time acquiring each star because of the checklist standards that must be achieved before earning each star. Customer services are given a lot of weight neglecting other elements that are vital to the success of the business.In conclusion, the hotel industry has been an essential sector in the economic growth and creation of job opportunities to many people. AHLA over the recent years has witnessed developmental changes due to the adoption of modern technology and maintaining good experience with the customers. The top hotel’s companies which are known for the provision of quality services to the customers include Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, Marriot International, International Hotel Group and Hilton Worldwide Holdings. The hotels provide different brands such as Inn, Motels, Canopies, Resorts and Garden hotels. The Forbes Travel Guide uses criteria that are customer based on beautiful beds, internet, distinctive drinks, genuine interest, and cleanliness of the hotel and expectations of the customers. The managers may have a problem of achieving the star due to high standards which are set and emphasis that are made on customer services.ReferencesBeldona, S., Miller, B., Francis, T., & Kher, H. V. (2015). Commoditization in the US lodging industry: Industry and customer perspectives. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56(3), 298- 308.Chen, R. J. (2015). From sustainability to customer loyalty: A case of full-service hotels’ guests. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 22, 261-265.Ryu, K., Lehto, X. Y., Gordon, S. E., & Fu, X. (2018). Compelling brand storytelling for luxury hotels. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 74, 22-29.

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