how IBM is using Data Mining Tool for Marketing its Goods and Services more Effectively

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:13
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Data mining refers to the process that involves the data processing and analyzing of specific patterns as well as trends that help business to apply this knowledge in making different decisions. Data mining technique is becoming prominent with the passage of time and with the emergence of the concept of big data. Many companies are part of Data Mining Group, and these are effectively using the technique for the progress of their business. One such company is IBM that is using data mining tools for increasing its performance. This paper will discuss how IBM is using data mining tool for marketing its goods and services more effectively.IBM is such a company that requires the management of its explosive growth related to the line data. The problem of managing of big data is effectively addressed by the use of different data mining tools. IBM is using SPSS as a data-mining tool, and its background is related to statistical and surveys analysis(Brown). A company uses this tool to analyze its big data and make predictions in different areas to improve the marketing and sales effectiveness. With this tool, there is the analysis of past trends related to the sales, and then accurate forecasts are made, that then become a source of an increase in sales. There is also a use of IBM InfoSphere that is being used in analyzing the data related to a warehouse. This tool provides access to data sourcing and makes possible the preprocessing along with mining and analysis information related to a single package(Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining). This is all done based on customers’ requests and their wants, and thus company increases the sales. Thus, there is a use of the range of tools and systems for data mining as these allow data storage and processing systems required for effective marketing.Works CitedBrown, Martin. Data Mining Techniques. Discovery and Data Mining.

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