How Immigration Became Illegal?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:52:42
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Introduction The problem of the immigration is consistently dividing the Americans and a widespread discussion is going on in the social and the electronic media. The commentators are severally criticizing the policies of immigration, which creates inequalities among the different segments of the society. The recently announced policy by the trump administration has also infuriated the people and the critics. Similarly, Aviva Chomsky in her book has tried to trace the historical and reliable factors of the immigration issues. She has detailed discussion in her book about the serious lapses and the polemic struggle since the resolution of immigration passed in Nineteen sixty-five. The stance on the anti-immigrant and the voice for anti-Latino is prevalent in the debates of American society and the political groups. Chomsky has significantly developed comprehensive stance through his writing on legal and economic issues, which brings undocumented immigration in the USA.DiscussionBefore writing the book, Chomsky has spent a lot of time in the field with an international humanitarian organization. She frequently visits the Mexican-American borders. She also talked and interviewed those individuals that were deported from the United States. At the state of Arizona, she attended the judicial proceeding and observed the matter discussed in the proceedings. Such kind of professional experience and the visits have convinced the writer to unfold the hypocritical alignment of the USA immigration rules and the policies. Through her book, she tries an attempt to raise the issue of dehumanization of immigrant’s people. Three different ideas and the themes generally emerge from the writings of the Chomsky.Among those three concepts, she unfolded the first was the undocumented word which illustrates the criminality of immigrants. The association and need of the cheap labor for the United States and the relation of foreign policy linked and described by the writer. The third important themes explored through the writing of Chomsky is the policies and the event that are documented in the record and the proper discrimination against the black immigrants. The writer also discusses the historical connections of the labor, race, colonization and the immigration. The book of Chomsky has provided a thoughtful counter-narrative to those stories that are projected to call Mexican and the Central American immigrants as the illegal. Here the writer has raised a question for the policymakers that where this illegality has come from? This is one of the important questions in the book.Chomsky has persuasively argued that modifications made by the government in the laws and immigration policies are deliberately and by plan motives. The purpose of such kind of actions is to keep the check and make immigrants illegal in order to get cheap, and deportable Mexican worker (Chomsky, 26). The American focus and the dependency on the immigrants’ labor have played the central role in constructing the concept of illegality. Through his writing and the lectures, Chomsky has also told us that the concept of illegality and the immigration has come into the existence just fifty years back.Other than, the laws and the policies of the USA on restricting immigrants the writer has explain certain sophisticated programs of the government, which demands skill of the labor coming from abroad. Since the time of implementation of the Chinese act different sector like agriculture are heavily depended on the labor of central and Mexican immigrants. For example, the plan of Bracero during the years of nineteen hundred sixty-two to sixty-four, hundreds of Mexican immigrants were provided jobs as the seasonal farmers. That happened because the US has no other sources to overcome the crises of the labor shortage. There are certain other economic changes, which bind the state to recruit the Mexican immigrants as a cheap workforce.Modifications like the deregulations of the policies also provide the labor to transfer their services from the agriculture to the manufacturing sectors, which cause problems for the government to deal with the available labor. The writer has unfolded the fact that recently the life of labor and immigrants are facing an uncertainty regarding legal and the economic rights. Those immigrants that have temporary protected status or those living under deferred actions are also facing the liminal legality regulations. However, Chomsky has more focus on the other issues and less on the educational problems of the immigrant.The data and the calculation show that student belongs to the families of the foreigners are lagging behind than those children that are local. In the ratios of high school graduation white and African American student increases in their numbers and positions. The writer must have included the diaspora of nineteen ninety wherein immigrants have faced numerous experiences. From the years of ninety foreigners, have move to the other states like Maine and the state of Indiana (Chomsky, 153). In the same way, increasing population in the Latin have provided the schools to meet the educational requirement of the immigrants’ community. The writer has interestingly discussed the political side of immigrants as how politicians are looking and considering these foreigners.The debate of the immigrants is prevalent between the two political parties in the United States. The democrats and the republicans channelize the specific and the loaded racial language against the immigrants. They frequently use the words for illegal immigrants as the invaders, enemies of the America freeloaders. Some of the senior politicians have the opinion that some of these migrants are the conspirators and traitors, which could harm the American society. Some of the Latin American have developed their own parties to get the rights from the federal government. However, the main two political parties Democrats and the Republicans are not giving them due attention. They just use and engage them for their own political motives.The control of the Republicans on the legislative bodies and the presidency of Democrats have stopped the political moves for the Latin. There is a striking demand from the people regarding the discussion immigration rules and the policies (Chomsky, 239). Along with political motives and the moves, Chomsky has to describe that how the social construction of these immigrants have generated by the policymakers. He argues that latest ideas of immigration are the artificial entities while the reality is that those ideas like sovereignty or citizenships are created the by society. The phenomena of countries as the discrete entities are the flawed idea. In the same way, the dividing line between Mexico and America is the result of war happened in eighteen hundred forty-eight. The famous slogan of the people was that they did not cross the border instead the border has crossed them.ConclusionsConcluding the discussion, an important assumption is that, immigrants constructed our buildings, provides food services, and clean our dirty things and material deserve all the attention of protecting their legal rights. They should allow exercising their right of organization. The history of United States reveals that managers are not ready to abandon the research for less costing alternative labors. Similarly, the book of the Aviva Chomsky how immigration became illegal to demonstrate the starting point for the researchers to expand their studies for interesting outcomes. The study by the Chomsky on such an important human rights problem provides the researcher an important and ground framework for the future studies.ReferencesChomsky, A. (2014). Undocumented: How immigration became illegal. Boston, Mass: Beacon Press.

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