Importance of Research on Consumer Behaviour

Published: 2021-07-07 00:15:49
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IntroductionIt is important to understand the consumer behavior for any organization before starting a service or launching a product. If the organization does not analyze the response of customers to a specific product, the organization can face losses. Understanding the concepts and theories related to the consumer behavior can aid organization in the marketing of services and products. Studying consumer behavior can also help in other aspects. Consumer behavior includes the perception of the customer towards the fashion ad change in technology, change in living standards and other factors. Understanding these factors is playing an important role because the marketing of products and services are dependent on these factors. That’s why consumer behavior is considered as an effective tool for different organizations to meet their aims and objectives.The essay aims to understand the importance of knowledge and research on consumer behaviors by discussing its importance for marketing organizations and governmental and political organizations with the help of examples.DiscussionThe consumer behavior is defined as “the dynamic interaction of effect and cognition, behavior, and the environment by which human beings conduct the exchange aspects of their lives.” Customer behavior includes the feeling and thoughts that individual experience in the consumption process along with the actions. It also involves several things in the environment that affect these actions, feeling, and thoughts of people. These factors include price information, blogs, the appearance of the product, advertisements, comments from other customer and many more. It is essential to identify that the definition of consumer behavior is dynamic that includes exchanges as well as interactions (Solomon et al., 2012).Buyers are at the center of advertising since all the endeavors of advertisers are coordinated towards them. To succeed in the showcasing endeavors, understanding the purchasers what’s more, what drives them all in all, and their utilization conduct specifically turns out to be essential. The disciple of behaviors of consumers clarifies distinctive variables that lie underneath the consumer behaviors (East, 2007).Some people believe that knowledge and research on consumer behavior is just need of business and marketing organizations. However, the application of research on consumer behavior is vast and use in different fields such as anthropology, governmental organizations, health organization, educational organizations and many more. It is associated with a large number of positives in businesses as well as in other aspects of the society. It is therefore recommended by many experts and professionals to use this approach before launching of products, services and starting of projects and campaigns to get maximum benefits and profits. To explain the uses and importance of data and research on consumer behavior, two examples have been discussed below that included marketing organization and governmental and political organizations.Importance of Consumer Behaviour for Marketing OrganizationsIt is essential for a marketing organization to understand and study the consumer behavior. It is considered significant for them to know customer as groups or individuals to sell and dispose of their products.Concerning the viewpoint of a marketer, they expect that the fundamental reason for marketing is to pitch products and ventures to more individuals so that profit can be increased. Previously, the marketers were fruitful in achieving their goal. Be that as it may, today, as the buyers are more mindful about the utilization of item and other data related to the product, it is difficult to offer or draw in the client to purchase the item. Therefore, the marketing organizations have to do proper research to understand these factors to convince the customer to buy the product or service (Evans et al., 2007).The study of consumer behaviors can aid marketing organization to forecast and recognize the behavior of consumer related to the purchasing of a product. It will help them to understand what customer buy and why they buy it. Besides this, other questions such as why, how and where they purchased these products. Therefore, marketers will become enable to understand every stage of the consumption process that includes behavior before purchasing, behavior during purchasing and behavior after purchasing. A large number of studies in the past have shown that the behavior of each customer is different towards the product. It means that customer buys the product for different reasons (East, 2007).The marketing of all products and services are revolved around the behavior of customer that how will they respond to these products and services. Study on consumer behavior is important to understand what customer wants to buy and what services and products are available in the market to satisfy their needs. Therefore, the behavior of consumers is considered necessary for the sale person or team to become completely aware of the requirements of the customer. It will help them to communicate the advantages of certain products and services to consumers. Besides this, in this way salesperson will be enabled to sell products that are most closely related to their needs. Analysing the behavior of consumers is an important part of the marketing strategies because it helps marketing organizations to understand what strategies will influence customer most to purchase their products and services. Marketing strategy is one of the significant uses of the study of consumer behavior. It plays an important role in making the marketing campaigns better. For instance, by understanding the people can receive the content of advertisements well if they feel hungry so that an organization can schedule the advertisement of snacks or any food item in the afternoon.Research and study on consumer behavior will help marketing organizations to understand the preferences and taste of their customer, so they can meet the customer demand and also enhance their level of satisfaction. According to the Yau, & You, (2014), “The change in consumer’s behavior affecting by these factors should be carefully monitored. The marketers need carefully understand the consumer’s interest in the products by breaking down the targeted consumers into demographics, like age, occupation, and location.”The strategy for disposition of products differs transversely from item to item. A portion of the elements that prompt shopper’s conduct to dispose of an item to incorporate mental attributes, situational factors or the inborn variables of product. The psychological attributes incorporate state of mind, temperament, feeling, , inner social voice, social class, observation and so forth. The situational factors, for example, direness, useful utility, reliability and so on and natural factors, can prompt buyer’s choice to dispose of an item. For instance, previously the demands of personal computers were high, but due to advancement in technology people are now preferred to use laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is important to understand the thinking and requirement of products to increase sales of products and earn a significant amount of profit.Importance of Consumer Behaviour for Governmental and Political OrganizationsDifferent governmental organizations use the data on consumer behavior to identify their lifestyle, their needs, and demands related to different services. Many governmental organizations are relied on the date related to the consumer behavior to evaluate their services and to assess whether their policies and programs are effective to meet the needs of citizens. Governmental organizations in develop countries especially organizations related to health and education use studies on consumer behavior to evaluate their performance. For instance, in the United States of America, in 2015 an educational ministry used the approach of the study of determining consumer behavior regarding their educational services. It made them aware of the fact that their education quality in rural areas or underprivileged areas was inferior as compared to major states and cities.Through this approach, they improved their educational system and tried to increase access to educational facilities across less-privileged areas of United States of America. In several countries around the world, governmental organizations started a poll to identify major needs of people. For instance, in 2014 government of Pakistan identify through the research on people needs that people of rural areas did not have access to roads, which was a major concern for these people to transport their good to other cities or villages. Similarly, there are several other fields, where government use this approach to identify loopholes in their system to improve their services.Besides this, the research and studies on the consumer behavior help the government to identify the needs of its people, which can help governmental organizations to spend in those projects or programs that are according to the needs of people. It will increase the satisfaction level of people and also enhance their quality of life. If governmental organizations spend their large amount of money on projects that have initiated without even determining the needs of people, then these projects will not yield fruitful outcomes. It is a common situation in underdeveloped countries where governments do not rely on consumer behavior in any aspect of the life. As a result, people are unable to fulfill their needs.In the same way, a large number of political and non-political organizations use this approach. Non-political organizations such as UNICEF, WHO and other local and international organizations use this approach. For instance, WHO identify needs of people in particular region by conducting prior research or assessment. According to the De Pelsmacker et al., (2005), it is a fundamental step of any program and policy, and it is always considered necessary to make the policy and program effectiveness and create a positive influence of this on people.It is also important to note that consumer behaviors are not just associated with the processes related to financial transactions. However, it also includes several processes that include no financial transactions. Several non-governmental organizations and governmental organization are involved in the campaigning of various social issues such as child labor, education for girls, AIDS awareness, safe water drinking, processes that are environmentally friendly and so on. In these cases, no financial transactions have occurred. There is a changed attitude, or adoption of new practice and behavior is also referred as consumption. It is believed that consumption cannot only be happened when money changes hands, but it is important that individuals replace their old beliefs, attitudes, practices, and values for good social life (Ritch et al., 2009)ConclusionBuyers are at the center of advertising since all the endeavors of advertisers are coordinated towards them. To succeed in the showcasing endeavors, understanding the purchasers what’s more, what drives them all in all, and their utilization conduct specifically turns out to be essential. The disciple of behaviors of consumers clarifies distinctive variables that lie underneath the consumer behaviors. Besides this, the behavior of the consumer. To be correct, shopper conduct can be characterized as a discipline that incorporates all procedures associated with obtaining, utilizing and disposing of services or products. As a discipline, it is additionally bothered about the consequences of such securing, utilize, and transfer.Concepts and theories related to the consumer behaviors are very important for marketing organizations. It will help administrators and managers of a different organization to assess demands and needs of the customer and cater these needs by developing products and services accordingly. It is considered very important for the accomplishment of goals for specific organizations. “The study of consumer behavior helps them in analyzing different factors that influence the buying decision of the consumers. If the marketers failed to understand these factors, they would not meet their targets” (Pelsmacker et al., 2005). The marketing of all products and services are revolved around the behavior of customer that how will they respond to these products and services. Study on consumer behavior is important to understand what customer wants to buy and what services and products are available in the market to satisfy their needs.ReferencesDe Pelsmacker, P., Janssens, W., Sterckx, E., & Mielants, C. (2005). Consumer preferences for the marketing of ethically campaigns. International marketing review, 22(5), 512-530.East, R. (2007). Consumer behavior: Advances and applications in marketing. Prentice Hall.Evans, M., Jamal, A., & Foxall, G. (2006). Consumer behavior. John Wiley and Sons Ltd.Ritch, E., Brennan, C., & MacLeod, C. (2009). Plastic bag politics: modifying consumer behavior for sustainable development. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 33(2), 168-174.Solomon, M., Russell-Bennett, R., & Previte, J. (2012). Consumer behaviour. Pearson Higher Education AU.Yau, O. H., & You, H. (2014). Consumer behavior in China: Customer satisfaction and cultural values. Taylor & Francis.

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